Healthcare and Hospital Vendor Management System (VMS)

Increase fill rates, guarantee compliance and improve the quality of staff
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Reduce costs on the management of vendor and agency staff 10-15%

The strategic use of contract and temporary labor has been shown to reduce the burden on understaffed departments, improve revenue in niche areas, and lower overtime and other labor costs. And in today's world of low supply and high demand, having additional vendor resources when you need them is part of a smart workforce management strategy.

Yet, many health systems work short staffed and avoid the use of staffing agencies because of perceived high costs, inconsistent quality and reliability, difficulty in enforcing compliance and the overwhelming administrative burden that has historically been associated with the traditional manual vendor staffing process.

What will ShiftWise VMS do for me?

ShiftWise VMS is NOT A STAFFING AGENCY so  you are always in control of the vendors you want to use.

  • Eliminate most vendor phone calls by automating your order distribution and booking of agency staff.
  • Choose from only the staff that meet all of your clinical, orientation, testing, immunization and certification requirements.
  • Easily review, verify and track agency staff credentials and documents online with no data entry required.
  • Do away with paper timecards, invoices and cutting individual checks to agencies and pay a single, consolidated invoice for all agency services, organized by cost center.
  • Track clinical staff performance with on-line evaluations, average grades and automate your restriction (Do Not Return) lists.
  • Instantly reproduce stored copies of staff documents and profile information during Joint Commission or other quality audits.
  • Accurately report on agency costs and hours worked by cost center through real time online reporting (HTML, excel, .csv).

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Memorial Health System saved over $500,000 in the first 8 months with ShiftWise. Read more about the outcomes our clients achieve in case studies and customer testimonials.

  • Vendor neutral VMS - You always control your vendor community. ShiftWise is not a staffing agency and therefore does not compete with your current agencies.
  • Supplier funded - Use of the ShiftWise VMS costs nothing to the hospital or health system*. ShiftWise employs an industry standard pass through charge to agencies.
  • Flexible - Supports over 700 labor types and specialties both clinical and non-clinical including IT, traditional clerical, locum tenens and home health.
  • Web based - Is completely web based (SaaS) VMS and requires no IT support, no servers, no desktop software, and no VPN connections.
  • Integrated - Has an open API which allows VMS to integrate with existing systems through standard web services (.xml)
  • Scalable - Can be used in single or multi facility settings and in centralized or decentralized staffing environments.
  • Trusted - Is currently used by over 1,000 health care facilities nationwide and has a 100% client retention rate.
  • Favored - Preferred by high performing vendors and staffing agencies nationwide.

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With ShiftWise VMS you can optimize the managemnet of your vendor community. Easily send out orders and guarantee that all of your vendor documents and credentials will remain compliant with health system policies and requirements. Benefit from automated system alerts, advanced reporting and a consolidated and secure vendor payment process.

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