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05.21.09 / Contingent Workforce Strategies Article on Memorial Health and ShiftWise

Contingent Workforce Strategies Magazine
By Subadhra R. Sriram

Burdensome regulations in the United States have saddled the healthcare industry, often making it difficult for organizations to provide quality care. Coupled with a nursing shortage, hospitals are fighting to fulfill their missions of building a healthier community. Memorial Health System in Colorado Springs is no exception. But by automating its contingent staffing process, Memorial has begun ensuring its contingent workforce program is compliant with both state and federal rules.

04.1.09 / Health Data Management - Memorial Health Cost Savings with ShiftWise

Health Data Management article regarding how Memorial Health is saving money on temporary staffing.

03.25.09 / Employment Marketplace Interview with Jason Lander

Click the link to read the Q&A interview regarding how ShiftWise helps streamline healthcare staffing.

01.16.09 / Beating the Nursing Shortage

Automated staffing via web software (ShiftWise) helps ease the nursing shortage.

01.16.09 / Health Leaders Media: Who Wants to Work Part Time?

The system, from ShiftWise, helped the hospital save roughly $800,000 in 2007 on staffing costs, and it was on target to see similar savings (if not better) in 2008.

12.16.08 / Sramana Mitra - Deal Radar 2008: ShiftWise

Our coverage of health care IT continues with Oregon-based ShiftWise, an SaaS health care solutions company. Founded in 2003, the company was formed when co-founder Jason Lander recognized the tremendous inefficiencies that existed in the then-manual process of managing temporary nurses.  He created an automated process that helped hospitals and other healthcare providers...

07.13.07 / Health Care Blog: Podcast Interview of ShiftWise Founder Jason Lander

Shiftwise wants to become the Travelocity or the Orbitz of the nurse staffing business by bringing web-based solutions to a field that has been dominated for years by suppliers using outdated technology. By allowing HR managers to match available staff and allowing staff to.

07.01.07 / Healthcare Informatics: Easing the Staffing Burden

The ShiftWise service gives hospitals new control over their staffing processes. It consolidates staff search, booking, billing and record-keeping into a single online service. The ShiftWise implementation was simple. The Web-based ShiftWise solution was embraced by Tuality's Management...

05.14.07 / Healthcare Informatics: Shoptalk

On-Line VMS: Simplifying the Staffing Process. Hospitals are wasting hours with manual staffing procedures. Too much time is wasted on the phone, sorting through emails, faxes and piles of paper work. The good news is that the paper intensive process is no longer necessary. All of this can now be done online. On-line VMS services allow hospitals and agencies to...

04.24.07 / Oregon Health News: ShiftWise Eases Staffing Burden

 Download the article here on how ShiftWise eases the staffing burden for hospitals

04.09.07 / The 'Other' Category

Initially, healthcare information technology meant financial systems. More recently, much of the focus in healthcare has been on clinical applications. But there are other computer systems serving the healthcare industry that help make provider operations safer and more efficient, systems that are neither solely financial nor purely clinical but draw on information used by both. Vendor management and human resources tracking are areas in which software has helped...

02.11.07 / New Ideas Keep Nurses Working

Detroit-area health systems are solving nursing shortages with a new computer system that quickly identifies daily staffing gaps and a flexible-hour program designed to lure back nurses from contract agencies. The measures save money, reduce paperwork and help recruit and retain nurses, two Detroit-area health systems say. For patients, better retention of nurses means better care. St. John Health System started FlexChoiceRN on Nov. 1, offering flexible hours to part-time registered nurses...

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