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I've heard nurses say the nursing job market will remain secure during this economic downturn because "people always get sick." This is true, but during the 1990s people still got sick and massive nurse downsizing occurred. We don't want to repeat history. The nursing shortage we're still digging out from is an outcome of those tough times.

According to a government study, by the year 2020, there could be a nationwide shortage of up to one million nurses, which could result in substandard treatment for hundreds of thousands of patients. Just as alarming, fewer nurses are choosing to teach the next generation of professionals, resulting in tens of thousands of applicants being turned away from the nation's nursing schools.  Watch the nurses needed now video.

A report released today from The Joint Commission offers guiding principles and actions for the hospital of the future to meet the daunting challenges of older and sicker patients, patient safety and quality of care, economics and the work force. As these challenges escalate, hospitals can lead the effort to meet these demands.      

Although six-hospital St. John is a big system (Ascension’s biggest), “this could work anywhere,” Coury says. “To some degree what we’re doing is fully adaptable to any size hospital or system. You have to stop thinking the way you always did and think like people in the agency business.”

Nurses to Get Say in Staffing

A new Ohio law requires that nurses have a say on how they're staffed at hospitals, but labor unions say the measure doesn't go far enough to protect patients. The law, which takes effect in September, requires hospitals to create a committee to recommend how many registered nurses should be in every unit, including emergency departments and...

California Study Offers New Perspective on Staffing Ratios and Patient Safety

California Study Offers New Perspective on Relationship Between Staffing Ratios and Patient Safety.  Study Sponsor a Recipient of American Academy of Nursing Award for Innovation in Healthcare...

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