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Manage Staffing Agencies Managed ServicesWhile automating your process when using outside temporary and contract agencies is a critical first step in gaining control over your contingent labor spend, ShiftWise experts allow you to leverage decades of in-house experience in staffing agency management and maximize the outcomes you achieve through ShiftWise VMS.

These high impact strategies are available to all of our clients and are proven to deliver higher fill rates, lower costs and improved overall quality of staff.  

The strategic management of your staffing agency partners is essential to achieving high quality staffing services while keeping costs and quality in check.


 ShiftWise industry expertise:

  • Sourcing of high quality agency resources including Joint Commissioned Certified staffing agencies 
  • Contract administration and compliance management
  • Verification of certifications or other clinical requirements
  • Rate plan benchmarking using local, regional and national aggregate data
  • Fulfillment tracking and quality performance management
  • Issues resolution and mitigation of performance issues
  • Vendor supply chain structuring and costs containment strategies


 Additionally ShiftWise managed services provides:

  • After Hours Staffing Support
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Administration & Contract Renewals
  • A review of your existing contract and recommendations
"ShiftWise has helped us put tighter controls in place. Aside from making our staffing process much easier, we have reduced our costs significantly and now have complete over sight of all the credentials for each of the agency staff who work at OSU Medical Center. Finally, we have total control of our agency staffing process, costs, and clinical requirements."
Dan Tippett Director - Operating Efficiency Human Resources - The Ohio State University Medical Center


Whether you're looking for best practices on staffing agency management or your needs calls for connecting and working with new agencies – ShiftWise is there to help you make that connection.

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