Escrow Plus


Escrow Plus - Secure Payment Transactions

Consolidate your agency invoices into one easy to pay error free invoice

Internal Employee Staff Management ServicesShiftWise is proud to be the first vendor management company in the healthcare staffing industry to offer a bank escrowed process for the secure payment to staffing agency vendors. 

Now the gold standard, bank administered transaction management has become the preferred payment method for both hospitals and their staffing agency partners.

By consolidating all of your agency charges into a single error free electronic invoice, you now have the ability to accurately pay for only the services you utilize and significantly lower your administrative accounting costs.

Improving on an already popular service ShiftWise recently launched Escrow Plus, which is a payment tracking and management system that sets a new standard for security and accountability. ShiftWise Escrow Plus provides faster payments through electronic funds transfer and enhanced financial reporting. In addition, Escrow Plus provides this service in a secure, online environment that gives clients full control and visibility over payment documentation, approval, and delivery.

ShiftWise Escrow Plus is now available to all ShiftWise clients, including more than 1,200 hospitals and 1,000 staffing agencies nationwide.

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