Systems Integration

Seamless Work Flow with ShiftWise Software Integration Services

ShiftWise provides customers the opportunity to integrate any of our staffing software services with any existing software application your organization uses. Doing so, will enable you to achieve the height of efficiency and productivity in your staffing process.

The engineering burden of integrating software systems is challenging. However, the ShiftWise systems integration team employs a collaborative methodology that makes the entire integration process effortless by taking the burden off of you.

ShiftWise systems integrations enable you to

  • integrate shiftwise softwareSend time card data from your employee time keeping system
  • Import cost center and spend data to your accounting system
  • Export staff credential and employee data from your HR system to create employee profiles in ShiftWise
  • Open job position data can be sent to or received from your scheduling system
  • Import specific data to in house reports from ShiftWise generated reports



By communicating and sharing data effectively, ShiftWise systems integration services gives you the ability to enjoy the free flow of information that is critical to your business.

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