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Author: Kris Mitchell

Fight the Flu: 4 Steps to Prepare Your Hospital for the Epidemic

Every year, hospitals experience a surge of patients during flu season and work harder to make sure they are equipped to meet demand. The 2017–2018 flu season was especially grim, with influenza-like illness and hospitalization rates reaching record-breaking levels, resulting in 178 flu-related pediatric deaths[1]. Even though flu season comes every year, there is little hospitals can do to predict…

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How To Combat Projected Nurse Staffing Shortage

The baby boomer generation is one of the biggest generations the United States has ever seen, second now only to millennials. And as the baby boomer generation ages, they’re also, of course, retiring. The surge in retirees and elderly people seeking medical care is putting a strain on the medical industry. With the ever-growing U.S. nurse staffing shortage, the problem…

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Flying Blind on Contingent Labor? Here’s How You Get 20/20 Vision:

Healthcare executives are finding that the flexibility of contingent staffing is an advantage in budget planning in uncertain times. It also helps simplify healthcare management in an era when leaders find themselves overburdened with the complexities associated with properly and adequately staffing their businesses. The commonly-held belief that contingent staffing is more expensive than core staffing, no longer appears to…

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Tips to Filling Shifts

What can organizations do to improve their overall fill rate? When healthcare gets busy, it gets B-U-S-Y! Often clients ask us what they can do to increase their fill rates for particularly high demand positions. Here are the top things your organization can do to improve fill rates. Strategically evaluate Orientation schedules and requirements Make as streamlined as possible Compensate for it…

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Credential management – a critical function of healthcare staffing

Having been in the healthcare staffing industry since the early 90s, I’ve seen a number of faulty approaches to managing workforce credentials.  One such example came early in my career while working a staffing desk on the 4am shift in Southern California. We staffed acute care hospitals from San Diego to Bakersfield. Part of my job as a staffer included…

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