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ShiftWise Client Case Study: Hennepin County Medical Center

Hennepin Health knew that they needed a change not only in how they filled open shifts, but how their system as a whole was managed. Without a quick, user-friendly system with fast implementation and an all-inclusive support system, Hennepin was facing even more frustration and difficulties. Once they discovered ShiftWise, they knew that they were in the right hands. View…

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What Analyzing Your Local Labor Market Means for Cost and Quality

Analyzing your local labor market can help your company stay competitive in making decisions regarding location and expansion and strategic planning efforts. It can also ensure that your business has the talent and resources it needs to succeed. Local labor markets in the United States are characterized by enormous differences in worker earnings, factory productivity, and firm innovation. Local labor…

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Managing Per Diem and Long-Term Labor Under One System

The United States is facing a shortage of a variety of healthcare workers. The factors contributing to these shortages are varied and complex, and have the potential to seriously undermine the provision of safe, high-quality healthcare. Worker and faculty shortages are accompanied by changes in American demographics. As the population continues to age, so does our need for healthcare. In…

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The Six Traits of an Ideal Account Manager

One of the most important decisions that companies make is who they hire as manager. Yet 82 percent of the time companies get it wrong — they fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the job. The businesses that get it right, however — the ones that hire managers based on talent — are more likely to…

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ShiftWise Client Case Study: Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center Hampton Roads

After years of dealing with risk and liability issues, Bon Secours decided to take a progressive approach to the problem, looking to automate processes, analyze data, improve workflow, maximize internal resources, and implement strategies that would save them time and money. The choice was ShiftWise’s vendor management system (VMS), and the positive changes have been clear. View the PDF of…

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