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Ways to Remain Vendor Neutral in a Tight Labor Market

Vendors play a huge role in the success of staffing in healthcare. It is important to strategically align the client by carefully vetting healthy vendors who can staff successfully in the specialties the client needs. Fostering a positive relationship with the vendor will help increase response time, communication and trust which are key for success for both the vendor and…

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Increase the effectiveness of how you use your VMS for temporary staffing

Respond to submittals within 24-48 hours: Follow up and responding to a candidate submittal is critical to ensuring you are getting the best talent for you organization. Good, qualified candidates won’t last long on the market. When a submittal is received, it is good practice to make an attempt to review the candidates resume and either decline or schedule an…

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Supplier Spotlight: Aya Healthcare

Company Location: San Diego, CA Type of Staffing: Travel Nursing Name: Darin Taylor          Job Title: National Director of Workforce Strategy SW: How often do you use ShiftWise? Aya: Daily. SW: When did you first hear about ShiftWise? Aya: Over a decade ago when it launched, ShiftWise was an innovative platform. It was one of the first platforms to…

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Who’s afraid of the big bad Joint Commission? Not your VMS!

It can be a busy day when the Joint commission is onsite at a health facility. Collecting paper work, calling agency partners, looking through filing cabinets etc in order to be prepared for the evaluations of the accrediting body in healthcare. While these are true steps to making sure your agency staff is compliant before evaluation or audits, utilizing your…

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