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Shiftlandia episode 24: "The Pep Talk"

Be a winner and staff with ShiftWise. Check out the latest episode of Shiftlandia, and go inside ShiftWise with monthly episodes of our new office series!

VMS tools that can save you endless amounts of time

What is the single greatest VMS tool for saving the most amount of time? There’s such a robust array of features within VMS it’s hard to select a standout. The question is complicated by the fact that most health care facilities have workflows unique to their organizations, and thus benefit from various tools differently. In this article I’ll expand upon…

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Supplier Spotlight: TotalMed Staffing, Inc.

Company Location: Appleton, WI Type of Staffing: Nursing & Allied Healthcare, Financial, Engineering, Healthcare Information Technology. Contract, Per Diem, Direct Hire. Name: Tyler Limpert Job Title: Business Development Executive SW: How often do you use ShiftWise? TotalMed: We use ShiftWise on a daily basis, to view open job requisitions in various regions. SW: What was your staffing experience like prior to ShiftWise? TotalMed: Prior to…

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Create and book only the best

Patient reviews impact every facility and selecting the highest qualified candidate to your order is crucial now more than ever.

Supplier Spotlight: Registry Network, Inc.

Company Location: Carlsbad, CA Type of Staffing: Per Diem and Travel for Nursing and Allied Name: Eric Frehe Job Title: Chief of Operations The 2015 ShiftWise Service Award Recipient The Service Award recognizes partners who have exhibited a talent for consistently filling openings for their clients at the highest level. SW: First off, congrats on winning the 2015 ShiftWise Service Award!…

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