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Strategy insight for using locum tenen physicians

Nursing, being the largest labor category within healthcare, has long been an area where automation and process improvements have been critical to running a smooth contingent staffing operation. But other labor departments long overlooked – like physicians – are catching on, as changes occur in the healthcare marketplace. Temporary and contract physicians (known as locum tenens) are needed in greater supply due…

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ShiftWise is growing. Join us!

Hey job seeker! Are you on the hunt for a great job at a company undergoing unprecedented growth? ShiftWise might be just the place you’re looking for. Our search for the best and the brightest is already under way. At the moment, 11 new positions across three departments are available with more coming as the year goes on. Do you want…

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Are staffing suppliers taking a more positive outlook toward VMS technology?

A recent report finds that staffing suppliers are looking more favorably at vendor management system (VMS) technology and support hospital/healthcare provider-managed VMS more strongly than any other option surveyed. In the report, we speculate that much of this outlook is driven by a desire to meet the needs of healthcare providers that seek to accrue the many benefits of vendor…

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