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Tips and Tricks: Staff Profile

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sw-tips2ShiftWise Tips & Tricks gives insight into specific features of the ShiftWise system that help you navigate staffing difficulties. Next up in our monthly series: Staff Profiles.

The Staffing Problem

Staff are unable to slot into Shifts that they normally would be able to Match and Book.

The ShiftWise Solution

Feature to Use – Staff Profile

If a staff member is not seeing the Match or Confirm button next to a potential shift that they would normally, then a chances are their profile is outdated. Go to the Staff List. Find the staff member’s name. If it is listed in red, then the Profile has outdated or expired information.


Click on the Staff Member’s name from the Staff List. This will bring up the Staff Profile Page.


As you can see above, their license and credentials have expired. Therefore, the Supplier Agency needs to go into their profile and update their expired credentials.



Once the changes have been Saved, their name will now be blue in your staff list and they should be ready to book.

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