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Tips and Tricks: Templates

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sw-tips2ShiftWise Tips & Tricks gives insight into specific features of the ShiftWise system that help you navigate staffing difficulties. Next up in our monthly series: Templates.

The Staffing Problem

Order similar in stature seem to be added on a consistent basis.

The ShiftWise Solution

Feature to Use – Templates

Instead of going through the process of creating a whole new order every time you need a repeating job, it may be best to use a template.

Go to the orders tab and select add. The add order screen will then appear. (This applies to Per Diem and Long Term orders)

Fill in the required information and select ‘Save as template’


A message will pop up saying the order template was saved.


Next time you decide you need to re-create that particular job order, simply go to the order list and select templates.

This will list all of the templates that you have saved. Select the template you wish to use.


Finally, the add order screen will again appear, but this time with pre-populated information. Changing the date and anything else that may be needed and select create order.


A new order number will then be determined.

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