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What a Vendor-Neutral Partner Can Do for Your Business

Staffing issues are a common problem among healthcare providers. Unfilled shifts and vacant positions present challenges in maintaining quality patient care that is not disrupted or compromised due to an organization being understaffed. The costs of leaving a shift unfilled, or deploying the wrong combination of internal, float pool, and supplemental staff, can add up quickly. The concerns that come with credential and compliance issues can be overwhelming: billing, administrative tasks, and reporting take up time that could be better spent on patient care. To address these concerns, healthcare companies are partnering with vendor-neutral staffing systems that utilize vendor management software to deliver time-saving, cost-effective healthcare staffing solutions that improve the quality of care.

What is a vendor-neutral partner?

A vendor-neutral partner is a managed services program (MSP) run by a management company that handles the operational aspects of temporary staffing by using third-party staffing vendors to find the clinical personnel that a given healthcare provider needs. A vendor-neutral MSP is typically used when a facility wants hands-on involvement, and direct oversight of the growing demands of contingent staff, and is less focused on dedicated recruitment for fulfillment, clinical oversight, or additional scope.

A vendor-neutral MSP automates the entire process of working with staffing agencies and empowers healthcare organizations through a process that includes online order requisition, credential tracking, reporting, secure payment, and invoicing.

Here are some of the things a vendor-neutral partner, such as ShiftWise, can do for you:

  1. Save Time

With an automated process, healthcare providers don’t have to reach out to each vendor

when a staff need arises. The VMS broadcasts the vacancy to all vendors and returns a

list of vetted candidates. A VMS automates timecard approval and consolidates

invoices. Less time spent on hiring, staffing and invoicing means more time spent on

patient care.

  1. Minimize Costs

A vendor-neutral partner favors cost-competitive vendors. Vendor tiering can be used to

negotiate better rates. Reduced administrative-labor hours allow for more efficient use of

resources. Program transparency provides tremendous detail about spending, keeping

you on budget when making financial decisions.

  1. Improve and Sustain Quality of Care

Real-time profile matching ensures that candidates are compliant and credentialed,

guaranteeing reliable and consistent quality. Rating systems help reduce the chances of

a poor fit by allowing you to choose candidates based on prior performance and visit history.

  1. Level the Playing Field

A vendor-neutral MSP provides a level playing field, making it a competitive landscape

where suppliers can compete to provide the best candidates at the best rates.

  1. Allows You to Continue Working with the Vendors You Trust

Changing processes can be difficult for healthcare systems. Using familiar vendors, whether they be technology providers or staffing suppliers, can be a great comfort during times of transition. Only a vendor-neutral MSP lets you keep working with the same vendors you’ve always worked with: they do so by partnering with these vendors to ensure a smooth transition to better ways of doing business. Processes become more efficient, compliance is boosted, and costs are reduced due to the involvement of a third party. A vendor-neutral MSP lowers vendor rates, enhances suppliers’ compliant screening, and increases program efficiency.

  1. Lowers Risk

By using a vendor-neutral MSP, the risk of unfilled positions is lowered significantly. This is because a vendor-neutral MSP works with numerous and various suppliers, any of whom may represent the right candidate for the position. Additionally, by using a vendor-neutral MSP, all suppliers and vendors are held to the same standard. Compliance takes precedence and enhances the quality of individuals working on site. Vendors receive the strong message that compliant practices are vital to successful placement. These compliant practices are completed in a more timely manner as a prerequisite to placement.

  1. Better Alignment with Client Goals

Only a vendor-neutral MSP can guarantee alignment with client goals. The competition generated by using a mixture of suppliers ensures better market rates. In addition, the enhanced support of onsite teams ensures alignment with client goals regarding diversity, compliance, and cost reduction methods such as employee conversions. A vendor-neutral MSP has no vested interests in placing candidates at higher rates, advising against employee conversions, or reducing the amount of positions submitted in a vendor management system (VMS).

ShiftWise is a vendor-neutral MSP and, as such, can improve the quality of patient care while also reducing, if not containing, costs at the same time. The growing complexity of staffing and

managing contingent labor can detract from the primary mission of hospitals, health systems

and other healthcare facilities. Healthcare-workforce experts can eliminate this burden by using vendor-neutral MSPs, such as ShiftWise, so that healthcare providers can spend less time worrying about staffing and more time concentrating on providing quality healthcare.


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