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5 Ways to Boost the Quality of Your Contingent Labor with a VMS

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If you’re in the healthcare industry, you’re probably familiar with vendor management systems. With a VMS, health companies are able to take control over their entire workforce by ensuring employee compliance, mitigating risks, and controlling costs. But you may not know that VMS technology can improve the quality of your entire workforce — not just contingent workers. Here are five ways that vendor management systems can improve the quality of your healthcare facility’s staff.

  1. Vendor neutrality gives you more options. With a vendor-neutral VMS, healthcare facilities have access to their own vendors, and can have relationships with over 1,000 staffing suppliers. ShiftWise helps you automatically adjust to keep up with market rates, and attract quality staff to keep your facility running smoothly. With a VMS, you gain access to a limited vendor pool and boosted fill rates for critical needs by adjusting rates to the market based on ShiftWise data.
  2. Gain visibility with automated documentation and credentials. When hiring new staff, nothing’s more important than making sure they’re up to the task at hand. With ShiftWise’s VMS, you get access to automated documentation during the hiring process and beyond, making sure you have all the information you need when onboarding a new employee. All employees’ information is stored in the system, and is accessible with just a few clicks of a mouse. ShiftWise also alerts you to expiring credentials so you can ensure all of your employees are meeting legal standards at all times.
  3. Make better decisions with staff and vendor performance reports. It’s important to keep track of your staff, and ensure they’re always performing up to your facility’s standards of care. With ShiftWise, you gain access to more than 30 real-time, automated reports for permanent staff and contingent labor. This not only increases transparency across your entire workforce— it helps you keep track of every single employee. If you’re looking to hire a contingent worker who has worked at your facility before, ShiftWise stores all reviews to help you make those decisions faster.
  4. Save time with faster processes. Finding, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and keeping track of employees takes a lot of time for HR personnel and executives alike. But why waste time on these processes when you don’t need to? ShiftWise processes timecards, generates reports, books orders, and updates staff credentials for you. With our VMS, you can save more than 250 hours each year on processing timecards alone, meaning your staff and HR personnel can focus more time on important staff needs.
  5. Stay organized with a strategic order flow. With ShiftWise’s VMS, you can organize and keep track of all of your order submissions, no matter how many you make. Without ShiftWise, it can take 20 minutes to complete and place an order, but with ShiftWise, it takes less than 2 minutes. In addition to saving you a significant amount of time, this allows you to submit more orders and find the best contingent workers to maintain quality of care.

No matter the type or size of your healthcare facility, a VMS can streamline your staffing processes, allowing you to bring only the best talent to your business. At ShiftWise, you get more than just a VMS — you get a dedicated, knowledgeable team that speaks the language of healthcare, and knows how to bring more success to your workforce.


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