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Managing Internal Resource Pools & Agencies

Flexible Workforce Management


In the dynamic healthcare landscape, a flexible workforce strategy is critical for sustained organizational success. ShiftWise Flex empowers healthcare systems to adapt to unique workforce demands by establishing and optimizing internal resource pools and agencies with ease and efficiency.


Fully integrated with your internal talent management systems (HRIS, Time and Attendance, Scheduling), ShiftWise Flex is a truly comprehensive solution to manage your workforce and give your clinicians self-service, mobile-enabled opportunities to effortlessly manage their schedules and assignments.

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Key Features and Benefits of ShiftWise Flex:

Instantly optimize an internal resource and float pool with ShiftWise Flex. Respond dynamically to fluctuating demands by efficiently allocating staff to different departments or units based on real-time needs. Customize workflows by defining rules for resource pool participation, configure strategic pools of resources, and more.

Centralized Visibility: Centrally monitor the availability and skill sets of your internal resource pool, ensuring seamless coordination and optimal resource utilization.

Customizable Workflows: Define rules for resource pool participation and configure strategic pools of resources, set approval processes, and customize notifications for streamlined operations.

Compliance and Credentialing Management: Ensure industry compliance with credential verification, expirations tracking, and compliance reporting, minimizing risks and enhancing patient care quality.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: Access real-time insights into resource pool utilization trends for more informed decision-making.

Clinician Self-Service: Clinicians can search, submit, and book shifts and assignments directly, allowing them to complete the onboarding and credentialing processes on their own while selecting shifts that fit their needs. AMN Passport, the most downloaded clinician engagement app of its kind, also localizes the clinician experience, providing tips and details about their new assignments and increasing speed to fill, on-time start, and omnichannel engagement.

Increased Cost Savings Through Artificial Intelligence

As part of ShiftWise Flex, AMN Passport operates as an AI-driven talent matching engine seamlessly connecting clinicians to work orders, offering clinician self-service for any type of job, from a four-hour shift to a 13-week travel assignment to full-time permanent. This empowers clients with superior speed-to-fill and cost-effectiveness, facilitating the development of a well-balanced workforce.


Unlocking Healthcare Staffing Agility

ShiftWise Flex is your organization’s key to unlocking agility in workforce management, allowing you to seamlessly stand up and manage internal resource and float pools, adapt to evolving demands, and elevate the efficiency of your healthcare operations. Unlock a unified and personalized experience with ShiftWise Flex—the solution that puts you in control.

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