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Quality Patient Care with ShiftWise Technology

ShiftWise workforce solutions technology is highly scalable and configurable, and can help your system navigate the changing healthcare landscape and the rising cost of quality patient care.

Prepare Your Health System for Home Health Staffing Challenges

Home healthcare, also called the continuum of care, includes any care a patient receives after being discharged from the hospital. Home health is growing in demand, due to factors such as the aging baby boomer population and the shortage of nurses and physicians in the hospital setting. As years pass, more patients enter hospitals to seek quality medical care, and…

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The Rising Demand for Home Healthcare

The home health industry is growing rapidly. In fact, Americans spent $103 billion on home healthcare in 2019 alone. Home health, also called the continuum of care, includes a wide variety of post-acute care methods, including skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), long-term care (LTC), and rehab centers.  So why is there such a high demand for at-home care? One of the…

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In the world of healthcare, not everything is written in stone. Learn how to properly manage invoices, overtime, time slip approval, and more with ShiftWise’s helpful Tips & Tricks. 

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