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4 Obstacles You Can Avoid with a Good Client Services Team

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If you are in the healthcare industry, you likely have a lot to deal with each and every day. From patients to staff, you have a lot on your plate — especially if you are a human resources professional or a member of the executive staff. Much of this work — from processing invoices to evaluating staff performance — is done behind the scenes. But that does not mean that you don’t need the same level of assistance given to doctors, nurses, and other staff.

A good vendor management system (VMS) can help to alleviate some of the issues HR professionals experience on a daily basis. But without a devoted support team, some things get left by the wayside.

A dedicated support team can help answer any questions you have with your VMS, ultimately keeping you on track to achieve your goals. Here are four obstacles you can avoid with a good client services team:

  • Not sure where to start: Do you have a large healthcare facility? Are there so many contingent, temporary, and full-time workers that you’re feeling overwhelmed? If you’re not sure exactly where to start when it comes to managing your workforce, a client services team can help. In many cases, your team will be able to analyze your facility’s performance and recommend what your top goals should be. Your team will work with you to create an action plan to get started on those goals as soon as possible.
  • Feeling lost: Was your previous VMS solution unable to address your specific needs? A good client services team can help you quickly and painlessly implement a new solution. With a good support system, you can quickly see just how much of a difference a new VMS will make — and you’ll know that both you and your healthcare facility are in the right hands.
  • Long hold times: If a client services team says they’re available, they should be available, right? You should not have to wait on hold for over an hour just to get a quick answer to your question — but without a good client services team, this could end up happening to you. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling as though you are not actually supported, especially when the quality of your healthcare facility depends on it. If your current VMS solution’s support team is not meeting all of your needs or helping you achieve your goals, it might be time to find another provider.
  • Time-consuming implementation: One of the most important things about implementing a VMS is making sure that your workers can use it properly. A good client services team won’t just implement the software — they’ll stick around to make sure everyone on your staff knows how to use all of its important features. Implementation can be a difficult transition, but a good support system will ensure that it’s painless.

Do you relate to any of the above scenarios? Are you less than confident in your current client services team? ShiftWise wants to stop that in its tracks. ShiftWise’s vendor management system is comprehensive, meaning that you don’t just get the software — you get a lifelong personalized support team that’s there for you every step of the way.

ShiftWise’s Client Services team provides hands-on, personalized support to help you meet your facility’s goals. Our team provides customer call support on a 24/7/365 basis, resolving 98 percent of issues on just the first call! And if you’re new to ShiftWise, our free weekly online supplier training classes will make sure you’ve got everything you need to guarantee success. Whether you want to be more prepared for Joint Commission visits or cut down on time-to-fill rates, ShiftWise has got you covered.

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