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Respond to submittals within 24-48 hours:

Follow up and responding to a candidate submittal is critical to ensuring you are getting the best talent for you organization. Good, qualified candidates won’t last long on the market. When a submittal is received, it is good practice to make an attempt to review the candidates resume and either decline or schedule an interview.

ShiftWise Tip: With ShiftWise, it is easy to know when you have a new candidate to review. Setup an email, text, or home page notification in your profile so you are notified immediately when you have a submittal.

Provide benefits to supplier with high productivity on their score cards:

Rewarding suppliers for quick turn-around, submitting qualified candidates, low bill rates, and low turnover will ultimately increase the value they place on filling your jobs. Offering suppliers an advance step up to see orders over other suppliers is a great way to reward them for excellent service and commitment to your organization.

ShiftWise Tip: In ShiftWise, consider utilizing tiering to reward suppliers that consistently provide qualified candidates, timely and consistently.

Ensure timely interviewing and verification:

Interviewing quickly and ensuring compliancy will speed up the process to ensure you aren’t losing qualified candidates. You will encourage suppliers to continue to submit candidates when they know you take the time to interview candidates. Speed to verifying credentials will ensure a quicker start date/time. This can be especially important with per-diem staffing where you may want a pool of pre-qualified and pre-credentialed staff.

ShiftWiseTip: If you work in scheduling or an area with a large amount of orders, utilize the calendar view for a quick color-coded user friendly snapshot on the status of your orders.

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