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Non-Clinical Labor in Your VMS? Yes, You Can!

in Workforce Optimization

Each healthcare facility has a plethora of employees that make day-to-day operations go smoothly. From doctors to nurses to administrative assistants, each employee has an important role to play. But while their work-related responsibilities can differ exponentially, the way they are managed doesn’t have to. In fact, every member of your workforce clinical AND non-clinical labor can be efficiently managed with a vendor management system, or VMS. Here are some ways a VMS can help you manage all aspects of your workforce.

  1. Find and retain quality talent. A business is only as good as the people in it, right? This is especially true in the healthcare industry, where patient satisfaction is dependent on the interactions they have with the doctors who diagnose them and the nurses who take their vitals. With a vendor management system, you have the tools you need to find the right staff for every department across your facility. And when you use ShiftWise’s vendor management system, you can be confident that the people you interview are worth your time.
  2. Stay organized. With so many employees to manage — both clinical and non-clinical — it’s easy to become disorganized. Human resources professionals may end up spending excess time on payroll, onboarding, and benefits information. A vendor management system organizes all HR information into one platform, making it easy to view individual employees’ profiles, allowing HR professionals to spend their time on more important tasks.
  3. Maintain workplace standards. Besides the basic requirements laid down by the Joint Commission, every healthcare facility has its own individual standards. That’s why some facilities have better reputations than others. In order to maintain the standards of your workplace, you need a staff that understand that. With a vendor management system, you’re able to keep track of each employee’s credentials and certifications. And because ShiftWise’s VMS automatically updates you to expiring credentials, you can ensure your staff is qualified to take care of your valued patients.
  4. Increase visibility. Hospitals and clinics have many moving parts, and if your staff is not properly managed, this can quickly turn into chaos. Vendor management systems cut through chaos and increase visibility into your workforce, allowing you to see how day-to-day operations are going, while also keeping the big picture in mind. ShiftWise’s VMS gives you access to automated ordering, invoicing, and reporting progress reports that allow you to make key staffing decisions.

If you’re part of a large hospital or a small practice, nothing is more important than your staff and how you manage them. A vendor management system can give you the resources to manage all employees, no matter their responsibilities. A VMS is a great way to keep tabs on doctors, nurses, and clinicians, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Non-clinical workers like medical writers, legal consultants, and medical assistants can all benefit from the use of a comprehensive, vendor-neutral VMS from ShiftWise. Managing full- and part-time employees, independent contractors, allied health professionals, temporary staff, and non-clinical workers is easy when your VMS is backed by ShiftWise’s support team.

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