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ShiftWise fundraiser to battle cancer

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We held a raffle fundraiser today in support of Medefis’s Cassie Kosch. In February of this year, she received some of the worst news a parent could possibly receive. Her 12-year-old daughter, Jaden, has cancer. We raised $1,105 from our raffle prizes and we wish Jaden the best of luck! Kick Cancer’s butt!

In February of this year Cassie received some of the worst news a parent could possibly receive.  Her 12 year old daughter, Jaden, has cancer.  Jaden was diagnosed with a very rare form of Leukemia and is currently going through 5 months of Chemo to aggressive fight the disease.  The great news is, she is winning!  She’s now in her 3rd round of Chemo and all signs are positive. Cassie is a single Mother.  She is torn between spending every second of every hour at the bedside of her daughter and trying to work to pay her bills.  For her Chemo treatments Jaden is unable to leave the hospital and is there 24/7 for several weeks at a time.  Usually she’s in the hospital for a month; gets a week out back at home;  then back to the hospital for another round and another month.  Cassie, like many parents in this situation is faced with the choice of working to survive, or spending every waking second with her daughter.

Jaden is an amazing young girl who is giving it her all in her fight against Cancer.  Let’s make it possible for her Mother to be by her side every step of the way!

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