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Supplier Spotlight: HealthCare Pros, Inc.

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logoIn the spotlight: HealthCare Pros, Inc.
ShiftWise User: George Roberts
Title: Account Manager

ShiftWise user George Roberts takes us inside his job and tells us what it’s like using the vendor management software.

George Roberts Account Manager

SW: How often do you use ShiftWise?

George: I use it on a daily basis to track orders, view timeslips, and approve invoices.

SW: Since you use it daily, how user friendly would you say ShiftWise is?

GeorgeVery user friendly! Most of the functions are self explanatory.

SW: How long did it take for you to feel like a confident user?

George: A couple of days to get the basics down. If I do run into any issues the Customer Support Team is excellent.

SW: How has ShiftWise made your job easier?

GeorgeI don’t have to spend the time chasing down paper timecards.

SW: What is your favorite feature within ShiftWise?

GeorgeHaving control of the invoice approval process is a great feature!

SW: In the last year, your company has achieved huge growth in the amount of hours your staff works through ShiftWise. What has led to that growth?

GeorgeOur Travel and Registry Team have really stepped it up with some new Shiftwise Accounts.


Total staff hours booked through ShiftWise

Note that Healthcare Pros has made a significant jump in staffing activity through the ShiftWise system in the last year.


SW: What has been your impression of working with ShiftWise since it was acquired by AMN in late 2013?

GeorgeIt’s been business as usual.

SW:  What are some advantages for a staffing company to use ShiftWise?

GeorgeBeing vendor-neutral is a big factor for us. Everything you need is in one easy-to-use system. On occasion when prospects learn we’re familiar with ShiftWise it has opened doors to obtaining new contracts with hospitals.

*To contact HealthCare Pros, Inc. please email George Roberts 

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