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Supplier Spotlight: Trustaff Travel Nurses, LLC

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Company LocationCincinnati, OH (Corporate Headquarters) Boca Raton, FL (Secondary Office)logo-trustaff

Type of StaffingHealthcare

Name: Michelle Filipkowski           

Job TitleVice President, Travel Division

SW: How often do you use ShiftWise?

Trustaff: We use ShiftWise on a daily basis.

SW: What was your staffing experience like prior to ShiftWise?

Trustaff: Prior to ShiftWise, we used a variety of other systems and vendors.

SW: How has ShiftWise helped to streamline your staffing process?

Trustaff: We have found ShiftWise to be incredibly helpful to our team. It’s a huge advantage to be able to stay informed about our submittals and see where our candidates stand at any given time. The team is proactive and responsive whenever assistance is needed.

SW: Trustaff has been accelerating in 2016 and month over month continue to book more shifts. What is leading this growth?

Trustaff: In addition to the standard growth throughout the market, increased knowledge in managing the application and facility needs has allowed us to recruit more effectively and efficiently. We’ve gained a better understanding of position requirements and been able to adjust our team accordingly.


SW: How does your company plan to continue with this growth?

Trustaff: Our goal is to continue to expand on our knowledge and experience to make the most of our partnership, which includes increasing our placements by making sure our candidates are as timely and qualified as possible.

SW: What is your favorite feature within the ShiftWise application?

Trustaff: It’s very easy to find all the information for a particular position, including the bill rate, shifts, contact person, and the other critical details. This saves our team time and allows them to get right to work.

SW: What would you say to a supplier who is considering using ShiftWise?

Trustaff: ShiftWise is very user friendly. It’s easy to submit candidates, the compliance requirements are clearly outlined and easy to check, and the timetracking module streamlines the payroll process. For trustaff, it has been a great addition to our arsenal.

SW: What is your favorite Summer activity?

Trustaff: Whenever possible I enjoy getting out of the office to enjoy the outdoors, hiking and swimming with my two girls.

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