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5 ways a VMS saves time finding qualified candidates

Time Management is a huge challenge for anyone whose role includes staffing in the healthcare industry. Save time in your busy day by working smarter, not harder, in your search for qualified contingent staff. A VMS is the time saving tool that will give you and your team a streamlined hiring process, efficiency, and also give back some very important hours in your schedule.

  1. Instantly Communicate Jobs to Multiple Staffing Agencies: A Web based VMS such as ShiftWise transmits your needs to all your contracted agencies at once. The moment an order has been created, they can all view and begin recruiting. This removes the time-consuming need for phone calls and emails to each agency.
  2. Add Detailed Order Notes: By taking advantage of adding descriptive Order Notes, you can proactively answer agency questions up front, preventing all those in-coming calls and emails that consume valuable time in your day.
  3.  Save time by Choosing to Receive Notifications: By setting yourself up to receive notifications about activity within ShiftWise, this even saves the time it would take to log-in repeatedly and check on your order. An email or a text will alert you about agency submissions, and this will prompt you to log in, when you have the time to do so, and begin reviewing your candidates.
  4. View All Submitted Candidates in One Place: When using a ShfitWise, everything happens within the system, in one easy-to-access place. After staffing agencies submit their candidates to your job, you will have the ability to review all these staff profiles and easily make comparisons and hiring decisions.
  5. Paperless Compliance: ShiftWise offers timesaving electronic document verification that speeds up your ability to locate the most qualified candidates, to ensure that every document is current and that every requirement has been met. No need to email, print and file hard copies when using verifications in ShiftWise. It takes just a few clicks to electronically view and mark a document as verified. Each staff profile then holds these as a permanent record that can be retrieved any time for compliance audits.

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