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Category: Risk & Liability

Drive Down Labor Costs: A Guide to Reduce Risk and Liability

You can drive down liability and labor costs while creating one of the largest money-saving opportunities in your organization year over year. Learn the secret to creating a centralized work environment where you access a marketplace of coordinated competition and have agency community oversight. Ready to know how?  We’ve got four strategies that reveal the difference. Fill out the form…

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Drive Down Labor Costs: A guide to Reduce Risk and Liability

By creating a centralized work environment, a marketplace of coordinated competition, and agency community oversight, ShiftWise empowers your team to drive down liability and labor costs, creating one of the largest money-saving opportunities in your organization year over year. View PDF of Wise paper

How to Seamlessly Manage Float Pool and Staffing Agency Talent Together

A float pool, or a group of full- and part-time employees who work in differing healthcare positions, is vital to a healthcare facility’s staffing. When a float pool is properly managed, it can help hospitals deal with unexpected ebbs and flows. Float pools can also bridge any gaps in staffing, helping your facility deliver quality care, no matter what comes…

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ShiftWise Customer Case Study: UCHealth Memorial Hospital

With ShiftWise, Memorial is also now able to more easily meet Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) requirements, which mandate that hospitals provide detailed documentation that staff members assigned to each department are properly credentialed. View a PDF of the Case Study  

Are All Your Facilities Under the Same Contingent Labor Program? They Should Be!

A managed services program (MSP) handles the complex daily staffing operations for healthcare providers who focus on providing the best patient care experience and outcomes. Without an MSP, healthcare organizations face constant challenges when filling temporary staffing needs. First, they must aggregate and prioritize demand in their facilities. Second, they must recruit and manage numerous staffing vendors — all with…

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