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Tips to Filling Shifts

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What can organizations do to improve their overall fill rate?

When healthcare gets busy, it gets B-U-S-Y! Often clients ask us what they can do to increase their fill rates for particularly high demand positions. Here are the top things your organization can do to improve fill rates.

Strategically evaluate Orientation schedules and requirements

  • Make as streamlined as possible
  • Compensate for it if possible
  • Prioritize orientation slots for hard-to-fill specialties

Strategically manage your order flow

  • Decrease the time to make an offer from time of candidate submittals (many organizations are making offers within 48-72 hours, no longer are the days of 1 week turn-around time, especially for specialty areas)
  • Block a couple of hours/dates each week to be ready to interview candidates in quick fashion
  • Sell the candidate — tell them why your organization is a great place to work! You can have managers share information about the work environment and/or geographic area to encourage candidate to choose their facility to work at. Don’t forget about uploading your recruitment marketing materials to your facility profile so their agencies can share what’s great about your organization too!
  • Provide feedback to suppliers when a candidate isn’t selected for an interview or the role. Specifics will keep suppliers engaged and helps them meet the “mark” when vetting future candidates.
  • Communicate contract labor needs as early as possible. Top performing suppliers recommend 6-weeks out for contractors and 1-2 weeks in advance for per diem openings.
  • Use Order Notes for any position specific information on the position or contract. The more information suppliers have the closer they can get to finding just the right person for you.

Check your compensation package

  • Offer (and communicate!) incentives and/or bonuses at the time of position requisition. 
  • Review rates to ensure they are currently at-market for all job types. Your ShiftWise Account Manager can be a great resource if you are searching for additional information on in-demand specialty areas or current market rates.

Consider revisions within supplier contracts (in addition to pricing analysis)

  • Implement a guaranteed number of hours per work week for Travelers.
  • Increase the number of orientation hours your organization will pay for.

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