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Managing Per Diem and Long-Term Labor Under One System

The United States is facing a shortage of a variety of healthcare workers. The factors contributing to these shortages are varied and complex, and have the potential to seriously undermine the provision of safe, high-quality healthcare. Worker and faculty shortages are accompanied by changes in American demographics. As the population continues to age, so does our need for healthcare. In…

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5 Ways to Ensure a Maximized Fill Rate

In the busy healthcare industry, filling open shifts quickly is easier said than done. Many hiring managers turn to contingent workers to fill these needs and maintain their healthcare facility’s quality of care. But because contingent workers are employed only temporarily, many facilities are constantly in need of help. What can you do to ensure that shifts are always filled?…

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Seeing One Piece of the Contingent Staffing Puzzle

In many American companies, the need for improved workforce staffing efficiency and cost-effectiveness is increasing rapidly. Healthcare providers satisfy this demand with flexible employment opportunities and contingent worker arrangements. Although contingent staffing can alleviate the lack of help, it does not address the workflow optimization issues managers face every day. Classified as independent contractors or part-time, seasonal, or temporary employees,…

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3 Ways to Ensure You’re Meeting Labor Demands

When labor demands increase, a successful healthcare business responds by ensuring that it meets those demands. This means keeping the right number of qualified contingent healthcare workers on staff as needed. In administering healthcare, labor quality is paramount. To assess the quality of your labor force, be sure you are attuned to the performance and well-being of your employees. Ask…

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The Scoop on Healthcare Staffing Agency Labor

Regardless of the size or scope of your healthcare facility, you likely have a time-tested staff that you trust. But as your facility expands, or even encounters unforeseen issues, your core staff may be too busy to deal with an increase in patients — or those with specialized healthcare issues. What causes this shortage of nurses and physicians? As the…

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