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How Knowing Your Top Staffing Vendors Can Cut Labor Costs

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Are your costs to manage contingent and temporary workers going through the roof? If so, you may need to reevaluate where your money is going at your healthcare facility. One of the best ways to keep your costs under control is to get a better handle on who exactly your top staffing vendors are. If you’re able to do this, you won’t only improve the ways your staff is handled as a whole — you’ll also see your labor costs go down across the board.

If this sounds like something your healthcare facility should be implementing, you’re not alone. Many clinics and hospitals across the healthcare industry turn to one particular solution when they are struggling to keep costs down. That solution is a vendor management system, or a VMS.

A vendor management system helps you manage contingent staffing and core staffing needs, from payroll to daily reports. But did you know that a VMS can also help you figure out better vendor strategies? It’s true. In fact, a VMS can help you achieve complete vendor neutrality.

But what does that actually mean? In the healthcare industry, vendor neutrality means making staffing decisions by considering your best options, instead of relying on just one or two vendors. While favoring one vendor more than others can seem like a good way to create a business relationship AND get the core staff you need, it can also have its drawbacks.

For instance, if you have a “vendor bias” you might never work with some staffers who could have access to a plethora of dependable staffing talent. This doesn’t just limit your staffing options — it also slows down your entire staffing process.

In contrast, a vendor management system helps you organize these vendors — because a well-organized system means that you’re more quickly and more efficiently able to find the contingent and temporary workers your facility needs to run smoothly.

By utilizing a VMS for all of your contingent staffing needs, you’ll cut costs by improving day-to-day processes across your facility. With ShiftWise’s innovative, cloud-based vendor management system, you’ll see improvements in many aspects of your company, including:

  • Talent quality. A vendor management system makes sure that if and when you do have a shift that needs to be filled, only the best applicants are targeted. You’ll be able to see exactly who is applying for the open position, letting you choose only the nurses, doctors, or specialists that will maintain and improve the quality of your healthcare facility.
  • Order management. With ShiftWise, you won’t be limited to a certain number of applicants. ShiftWise’s automated profile matching and transparent ordering process gives you the freedom to assign varying bill rates and tier orders to specific suppliers in any way you choose.
  • Key insights and metrics. No matter the size of your healthcare facility, there’s nothing more important than visibility and transparency. And with ShiftWise, you won’t only improve these insights, you’ll get access to key performance indicator (KPI) reporting. Real-time reports let you see your average fill rates, helping you know when and how you can improve.

ShiftWise knows how important it is to identify your top staffing vendors. That’s why ShiftWise’s VMS solution focuses on improving your staffing processes and streamlining time-to-fill rates. With ShiftWise, you won’t only narrow down your top vendors — you’ll get access to reports and metrics that can help you work better and fill shifts faster, all while cutting costs across your organization.

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