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Healthcare facilities of every shape and size rely on contingent labor to maintain quality but not all VMS tools are created equally. When you choose ShiftWise Flex™, your VMS can be managed in-house or combined with an MSP for complete customization and seamless integration. Our VMS provides automated temporary labor management with data-driven insights and complete vendor neutrality to help you make better, more informed business decisions.

Software overview

ShiftWise Flex’s VMS technology meets healthcare’s contingent workforce needs while improving efficiency, compliance, and transparency and decreasing the cost of supplemental labor. No matter your company’s size, ShiftWise Flex can help you meet your individual workforce’s needs and achieve your contingent staffing goals.

Cut costs and save time

Vendor management systems can greatly cut down on time spent collecting timesheets, approvals, and contacting staffing agencies. That not only leads to more efficiency, it leads to lowered costs and smoother processes. The Manager Hub app seamlessly integrates patient care and facility operations into one centralized interface. Its flexible, mobile design enhances agility and boosts efficiency with on-the-go functionality.

Improve quality and efficiency

ShiftWise Flex’s VMS helps you improve your contingent workforce management’s overall efficiency by boosting fill rates, giving you more insight into staff credentials and helping you find quality talent.

Services overview

Many contingent labor management services fall short of delivering a total, complete solution for all your healthcare needs, leading to decreased visibility into details that drive results. At ShiftWise Flex, we believe in making your life easier. Our technology platform is backed by a full suite of hands-on services that delivers a total contingent workforce solution with a total workforce management system that combines VMS and MSP.

Full-suite of client services

ShiftWise Flex supports your program at every level. Account Management, Customer Support, Implementation, Supplier Relations, and in-app training all combine to create a total suite of services to ensure you are reaching your desired outcomes.

Achieve the outcomes that matter most

Program supports ensures you are efficiently meeting staffing demands, controlling costs, and finding quality labor while maintaining visibility across the organization

With just a few clicks, ShiftWise Flex has enabled us to be more efficient than we ever thought was possible.

Karen Unger Staffing Resources Manager, Tri-City Medical Center