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With ShiftWise Flex™,

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Our focus on continuous improvement

We are committed to your success. We are continually working on enhancements and new functionality to make our technology better, and easier to use – so you can be more productive.

Our Latest Improvements:

  • ShiftWise Flex Manager Hub app – enables users to promptly handle shift management tasks, manage timecards, accept and fill orders, create shifts, monitor current assignments, submit new assignments, and manage staff compliance 
  • Agile Resource Pool Management – Instantly optimize an internal resource and float pool with ShiftWise Flex.
  • Centralized Schedule and Advanced Analytics – Monitor the availability and skill sets of internal resource pool members, ensuring seamless coordination and optimal resource utilization.
  • Clinician Self-Service – Clinicians can search, submit, and book shifts and assignments directly, allowing them to complete the onboarding and credentialing processes on their own.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Predictive Analytics – Utilize powerful reporting tools to access real-time insights into resource pool utilization and external geographical market data.

We know it’s not easy

Without a reliable VMS, it’s hard to guarantee that your healthcare facility has the quality contingent labor it needs to run like clockwork. At ShiftWise Flex, we don’t just provide a service, we help you make better decisions with a system built by and for healthcare. Our adaptable, vendor-neutral VMS ensures competitive rates with no hidden markups. Used directly or with an MSP, our VMS handles hundreds of different labor specializations, and multiple cost centers in decentralized or centralized environments. With ShiftWise Flex, cutting costs, improving quality, and maintaining compliance is easy.

Ease the pain points

A VMS maximizes your entire staff’s potential by combating non-compliance, staff shortages, cost increases, and overall inefficiency. But don’t just use any VMS, use one that speaks the language of healthcare. ShiftWise Flex is the smart choice when it comes to building a qualified, organized, and dedicated contingent workforce.

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The amount of time saved by using ShiftWise Flex has helped my staff to focus on staffing. Time is not wasted hovering over the fax machine.

Diana Milan-Finley Director of Business Operations, St. Vincent

Why use a VMS?

ShiftWise Flex’s VMS helps you meet clinical and non-clinical demands with the staffing tools you need to improve the quality of your workforce not just short-term, but long-term too. Robust credential management ensures compliance, keeps costs down, and improves business practices to keep your facility running smoothly.

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