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Supplier Spotlight: American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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american staffersIn the spotlight: American Traveler Staffing Professionals

ShiftWise Users: Alex Zervoudakis and Debbie Bacurin

Title: Alex-Business Development Manager, Debbie-RN Clinical Resource Manager

Client length: 7 years

ShiftWise users Alex Zervoudakis and Debbie Bacurin take us inside their jobs and tell us what it’s like using the vendor management software.

SW: What’s your background?

Alex: Prior I was in healthcare pharmaceuticals. I have worked for American Traveler a little over a year.

Debbie: Prior I Traveled as a Registered Nurse settling in South Florida where I managed a Level II Trauma Center for almost 10 years. I have worked for American Traveler about 7 years.

SW: Where does your company staff?

Alex: We staff from coast to coast in all 50 states.

SW: What kind of positions does your company normally staff?

Debbie: Primarily long term travel assignments in nursing and rehab therapy.

SW: What is the number one benefit of using ShiftWise?

Alex: A huge benefit is that we can organize and upload every document for our staff in a single place.

Debbie: We can’t pinpoint only one benefit! The overall benefit is that it’s a one stop shop for staffing.

SW: Does your staffing team have a favorite feature within ShiftWise?

Alex: The reporting tools are a really great feature. The insight you get into order and placement history is very helpful. We wish our clients took full advantage of all the features available to them, it would make the staffing process that much smoother.

SW: Do you plan to continue to use ShiftWise?

Debbie: As long as our clients continue to use it we don’t see us turning back to the old piles upon piles of paper process.

SW: How many of your clients use use ShiftWise?

Alex: Not enough, the ones that don’t use it are still staffing the slow manual way. Quite a few of our clients use ShiftWise, because of this our staff is well versed and experienced in its functionality.

SW: We have to finish on a tough question. What is your favorite animal?

Alex:  A dog.

Debbie: A horse.

*To contact American Travel Staffing Professionals please email Alex Zervoudakis at

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