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Temporary labor keeping you up at night? Rest easy. We have a solution.

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Quality of staff is one of the things that makes or breaks a healthcare facility. From kind nurses to attentive doctors, customer service and integrity go a long way. This is especially true for first-time mothers, sick children, or the newly diagnosed. This can be a scary or intimidating time for them, and a new hospital does not always instill much confidence. That’s where finding quality talent comes in.

If you regularly manage hospital staff, you’ll know that quality counts. That’s why it’s crucial to adequately screen applicants before hiring them on to join your current staff. But when shifts are hard to fill, many healthcare facilities depend on contingent or temporary workers to maintain quality and keep things rolling smoothly.

Many human resources professionals and staffers can feel intimidated by this. Finding quality workers can be hard to do — and many executives lose sleep over finding the right people to fill open shifts. But a great way to manage contingent, temporary, and full-time staff — and stop tossing and turning at night — is to implement a vendor management system, or a VMS.

A vendor management system is a great resource for HR professionals and staffers who are struggling to find quality workers. And ShiftWise’s innovative, cloud-based staffing technology helps you find, manage, and ultimately keep quality healthcare talent. Here are ten features of ShiftWise’s VMS solution that can keep your healthcare facility’s staff up to your standards:

  1. Automated notifications: Never miss a beat with automated, personalized notifications that tell you everything you need to know.
  2. Credential management: Get detailed notifications as to when an employee’s continuing education credentials are expiring, and quickly get them back on track.
  3. Vendor tiering: Every client is provided with a personalized Account Management Team that helps analyze your local market to find the right staffing vendors for you.
  4. Staff profiles: Need to know whose birthday is coming up soon? How about past work experience? All of this and more is available with comprehensive staff profiles.
  5. Staff grading: Get a feel for how an employee is doing in their position with widespread staff grading.
  6. Workflow analytics: Gain visibility into every aspect of your workplace, from open shifts to average hours worked.
  7. Time slip reports: See when your employees normally punch in or out on any given day.
  8. Visit history: Get insight into who your daily visitors are with a detailed visitor history.
  9. Invoice reports: See when and how often invoices are being paid across your facility.
  10. Cost center reporting: See exactly where your money is going, helping you decide whether changes need to be made.

This is just a snapshot of what ShiftWise’s vendor management system offers. The best part? ShiftWise tailors each VMS to each healthcare facility’s specific needs and goals. And getting on the path toward achieving your goals is easy; ShiftWise can be implemented in as little as four weeks with a smooth transition for your staff. Implement ShiftWise and start sleeping like a baby today by scheduling a demo!

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