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VMS tools that can save you endless amounts of time

iStock_000016890326_SmallWhat is the single greatest VMS tool for saving the most amount of time?

There’s such a robust array of features within VMS it’s hard to select a standout. The question is complicated by the fact that most health care facilities have workflows unique to their organizations, and thus benefit from various tools differently.

In this article I’ll expand upon the question and talk about my Top 3 tools within VMS that can save you endless amounts of time.

Tool Number 1

Schedule Calendar

Does your organization utilize Per Diem Orders in VMS? If you are responsible for creating those orders this feature will be very important for you.

When you go through your normal process of creating a Per Diem order you may be overlooking one very important button. Schedule Calendar!

The Schedule Calendar Process within ShiftWise:

  1. Log Into ShiftWise
  2. Select Orders > Per Diem > Add
  3. Select the Facility > Click On Schedule Calendar
  4. Select the unit >Shift >Duration > Shift Times
  5. Select each day on the Calendar, highlighting blue> Apply Shift > Done
  6. Once back on Add order screen, Select Job type > Specialty > Send Order To

Create Order

Using this tool when creating multiple Per Diem orders can easily save you endless amounts of time.

Tool Number 2

Approve All

Does your organization have its staffing agencies submit timeslips for approval? Or do you create schedule shifts in VMS to be approved once worked?

This tool will easily save you endless amounts of time.

Approve all Process within ShiftWise

  1. Log into ShiftWise
  2. Select timeslips Tab
  3. Select the status > Open >Submitted
  4. Use search feature to select desired timeslips
  5. To the direct Left of the approve button, place a check in his box
  6. All the timeslips on the page will be selected

Approve Timeslips

Using this feature will allow you to approve multiple pages of open/submitted timeslips within VMS. If you’re not a high volume user it also allows you to efficiently approve a couple.

Tool Number 3


Do you check VMS on a regular basis for activity? Do you feel the need to have VMS open at all hours during your day?

Well you can have all that time and screen space back by simply setting up your notifications.

Notification Process within ShiftWise

  1. Log Into ShiftWise
  2. Select your name in Blue
  3. Select User Notifications.
  4. Select desired Notification in desired format.

Update Notifications

Having these notifications turned on allows you to go about your day without worry. It’s important to have your work email and Mobile messaging field filled in. Once this is complete having notifications will free up hours of your week.

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