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With an evolving workforce, an automated internal resource pool is an advantage to healthcare systems

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An undeniable fact of the new millennium is that the workforce is evolving and with that change has come the flexible worker. This is especially true in the emerging workforce of “Millennials” (those born after 1981). A recent survey showed that a whopping 83%  of these younger workers state that working independently or freelancing is a cornerstone of their career strategy. And this is being seen across all age groups. The fact is, a much different labor model has emerged and it is important that the healthcare industry realizes the advantages of this worker. But how?

Create an automated, flexible internal workforce

Unfilled shifts are a fact that all hospitals and health organizations deal with. Whether it’s a last minute sickness, leave of absence, unfilled position or anything else, there will always be staffing needs that must be dealt with quickly and nimbly. Doing so requires a group of workers with the flexibility to be deployed to openings quickly.

With a workforce that is becoming more and more accustomed to – and even expecting – flexible scheduling, you can take advantage of this emerging market of workers via a flexible workgroup. Call it a float pool, perhaps an internal resource pool, but by any name, it’s an important part of your labor strategy.

What kind of benefits come from a flexible workforce?

  • Lower costs. Filling open shifts often comes at a higher cost, but by doing so from an internal float pool, you generally pay a lower hourly rate and require less administrative work to fill the shift.
  • More control over the quality of the workforce. With your own flexible workgroup, there are fewer surprises and more understanding about how your facility operates on a day-to-day basis.
  • Attractive option to skilled workers looking for flexibility.  As the workforce moves more and more toward demanding flexibility, an internal float pool offers an option that is increasingly attractive to the best of the workforce.

Why your float pool should be automated

Having a flexible workforce is not enough. If you try to manage it via spreadsheets, paperwork and more manpower, it will eventually fail. You end up with human error, excessive time spent on administrative tasks and lack the ability to quickly deploy a worker to an opening when necessary.

By automating how you deploy this internal resource pool, you’ll have a highly efficient system that empowers your workforce, realizes significant cost savings and increases the overall quality of care you provide.

Let’s take a look at the following chart to illustrate the advantages to an automated float pool.

Non-automated float pool Automated float pool
Requisition internal staff to openings across multiple departments
Provide flexibility to workforce
Enhanced quality in temporary staffing
Lower hourly rates
Automated notifications (text and/or email)
Available workers automatically generated based on eligibility and qualification
Real-time reports
Minimal administrative work 
Automated overtime tracking
Order completion within 10 minutes
Priority tiering to allows groups or individuals favored status


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