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Hospital Time and Attendance

Internet based healthcare timekeeping and attendance management

ShiftWise Employee Time Keeping Staff Time Tracker STTShiftWise Staff Time Tracker (STT), is a web based time and attendance portal which gives you the ability to leverage the wide access of the internet to provide an easy to use, but secure process for the capturing of internal or external staff time and attendance.  With no hardware or desktop software required, STT allows you to lower costs by eliminating overpayment errors and by replacing the traditional and costly manual time reconciliation process.

You can now maintain continuity of employee labor rules between time and attendance, scheduling, shift management and payroll from one convenient location......the internet.

  • No hardware or desktop software required
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Approve employee time from any internet access point
  • Tailored to your health system work rules and policies
  • Track standard and overtime hours worked in real time
  • Manage accurate data that ensures error free billing
"We no longer worry about over or under paying our agency staff now that we are using Staff Time Tracker. Our agency staff like how easy it is to use and our finance department appreciates the streamlined billing process that results from having significantly more accurate time tracking." 
Karen Olsten - Staffing Travel Agency Coordinator - Memorial Health System

Achieve both the convenience of easy access and the comfort of a secure process

  • Secure logins and user specific terminal restriction settings
  • Ensure appropriate cost center billing by creating split shifts or float time slips
  • Instantly provide updated time information to your employees and staffing agencies
  • Ensure proper audit trails from orders - to time slips - to invoices - to reports
  • Complete time slips and check balances all online

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