Stay on top of staff credentials and documents. It's easy!

VeriStaff™ constantly monitors your staff profiles and sends you messages and alerts.

With VeriStaff™, you can guarantee staff-wide compliance

In today's highly litigious and compliance driven healthcare management environment, making sure that each and every staff member's profile containing their documents and credentials is compliant with local and national guidelines is no longer a lofty goal but a minimum requirement. Just one expired certification, credential, document or administrative oversight can result in lawsuits, fines or violations issued by Joint Commission, State or independent regulators.  

Why use VeriStaff™? There are many reasons.

  • Eliminate the risk of employees providing patient care with out of date certifications or licensure. 
  • Breeze through Joint Commission or State audits by easily producing documentation to verify compliance. 
  • Easily manage on-boarding, orientations, trainings or other internal requirements for employees. 
  • Instantly and safely back up and store employee profile information online. 

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80% of medical staffing vendors report USING SHIFTWISE every day. 94% of all vendors use it every week. That's more than twice the use of the nearest competitor.

"The credentialing capabilities of ShiftWise provide us with a huge safety net to ensure that we’re not bringing in workers that we don’t want to have in our facilities. Nobody can come in to work in our organization without a check mark in the ShiftWise system proving that they meet our requirements. ShiftWise is the tool that we use for gatekeeping to provide safety to our patients."

- Erin Slay, BSN, RN, MHA, director of hospital operations and patient relations officer for University Hospitals

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