Modernize The Management Of Contingent Labor

We are well into 2016 and the healthcare industry is experiencing more and more need for staff at a rapid rate. In order to keep pace, embracing modern technology is key! 1. For the love of trees, save them! Being eco-friendly is an important part of any modern business, but what we're really saying is stop relying on paper! Filing cabinets full of information are both wasteful and inefficient. Ever try to pass an audit after trying to locate documents through stacks of paper? It's hard work! And do you really want to receive credentials and requirements for staff via fax? Say no to paper. Say yes to cloud storage systems and other efficient means of managing documents. You'll respond to audits in a breeze. You'll find staff credentials and requirements in seconds. And you'll...

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Statistics Any Successful Contingent Staffing Program Should Know

There are several layers that make up a successful contingent staffing program at a Healthcare Organization; some more quantifiable than others. Understanding staffing needs, choosing correctly between a VMS and MSP, and engagement are all-important pieces to a larger puzzle. However, there are some more measurable ways to monitor the success of a program. We surveyed a number of our team members to take a look at what metrics their most successful programs looked at on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis in order to better understand what makes a successful program tick. Here is what we’ve found. 1. Know Your Usage This may seem obvious at first glance; that a successful contingent-staffing...


Booked Long Term Order Rates Update

ShiftWise is pleased to announce the release of an exciting new feature! Booked Long Term (LT) Order Rates Update – Previously when a long term order was booked/filled, you were unable to update the rates without unbooking staff which changed the order booking status. Now if rates change sometime within the long term order duration, you can update rates without unbooking staff and affecting the order booking status. NOTE: Only HDO users have the option/rights available to update booked LT order rates. Suppliers can be notified when changes are made to booked LT order rates and reference the rates prior to the update through the Event Log. Effect on Timeslips When rates are updated...

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