Why using a vendor neutral VMS is so critical

The healthcare VMS – Technology Solution model refers to the delivery of a web-based software application for the purposes of empowering a client to manage the services of their suppliers in an efficient and controlled way. Technically, this is the only model that should use the term VMS.  VMS Technology Solutions are delivered by Vendor Neutral, 3rd parties that are not operated by a staffing supplier.  Deploying a VMS Technology Solution is the only way a client can achieve true vendor neutrality. Healthcare VMS companies may or may not offer multiple product offerings as well as a suite of services. In a business context, vendor neutrality translates to making decisions pragmatically in terms of the best options, rather than favoring one vendor over another for some other type...

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The long-term impact of having open orders

In today’s fast-paced healthcare work environment action speaks volumes, especially when it comes to quickly and efficiently booking agency staff to orders. A vendor management system enables a healthcare organization to immediately broadcast their needs to an approved agency panel. When a healthcare organization needs coverage for shifts the first action item is to place the order into the system. The second action period, which is the most crucial, is the duration of time between placing the order and booking the order. However, what happens when that coverage is no longer needed? Do you ignore the now unwanted order, or do you take further action? You take further action! Why...


5 Reports That Will Change the Way You Book Your Staff

The saying “it’s better to work smart than hard” can certainly be applied to booking contingent labor. As time-consuming and expensive as the process can be, having the right reporting tools can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful contingent labor program. The following 5 reports can drastically change the way you book staff, by providing both high-level and in-depth looks at your program. We’ve broken them down by how detailed each report can become, and listed them below. The Basics: The following two reports are great places to start in order to get a handle on the status of your contingent labor program. These reports provide more of an overview approach...

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