5 questions to ask yourself about your nurse recruitment process

Your health system’s goals for a quality contingent staffing program may have you asking yourself some key questions about your current process. 1. Does our current process allow for the widest choice of quality temporary staff? If you rely on a go-to agency, it may be time to consider a wider pool of staffing partners. Then by remaining vendor neutral, your organization can benefit from the submission of multiple candidates. This allows for choices, the ability to compare for quality and compliance, and leaves the ultimate hiring decision to you. 2. Is there a better way to Manage Documents and stay compliant? Going paperless for management, storage, and verification of credentials can provide you with greater efficiency and easy access to staff profiles. And, electronic verification,...

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Supplier Spotlight: United Staffing Solutions

In the spotlight: United Staffing Solutions ShiftWise User: Rosa McLeish Title: Executive Director ShiftWise user Rosa McLeish takes us inside her job and tells us what it's like using the vendor management software. SW: How often do you use ShiftWise? Rosa: I use it about 3-4 hours daily. SW: Where does your company staff? Rosa: We're a national full service agency with a concentration in New York and New Jersey markets. SW: What was your staffing experience like prior to ShiftWise? Rosa: United Staffing Solutions has 15 staffing divisions, 11 in the medical arena and extensive experience with IT recruiting and workforce systems. There is no question Shiftwise is at the leading...


Administrative Director of HR Helen Anderson discusses ShiftWise

ShiftWise user Helen Anderson takes us inside her job and tells us what it's like using the vendor management software. [grid_wrap columns="2" class="alt-layout"] [grid_item] Part 1 [sw_video url="http://youtu.be/cLTKik3ioLM"] What's discussed: Staffing temporary labor before ShiftWise Contract standardization Enhanced vendor relationships Ease of of booking orders Reporting and transparency Day to day user experience Tracking time and attendance [/grid_item] [grid_item] Part 2 [sw_video url="http://youtu.be/_aaQkeD9JlI"] What's discussed: Compliance assurance and easy of audits Efficiency improvements Cost savings System-wide benefits Overall benefit...

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