The 5 values of choosing the highest qualified candidates

Company Culture: Determine if the candidate is a good fit with the culture of the company. It is a positive indicator if the interviewer feels at ease with the particular candidate during the interview process. Check Backgrounds and References When Hiring an Employee: Effective background checks are one of the most important steps when hiring an employee. The employer needs to verify that all credentials, skills, and experience are actually true to the candidate. The background checks must include employment references, especially former supervisors, education credentials, and criminal history. Success Factors: Identify success factors for the position that may include: A candidate's character traits, habits, motivators, teamwork skills, reaction to failure or success, and ability...

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Novation selects ShiftWise as their preferred Vendor Management System (VMS) provider

Novation has selected ShiftWise as their preferred Vendor Management System (VMS) provider. ShiftWise is a no-cost software solution for Novation members seeking to gain control over their contract and temporary labor spend. Facilities in groups served by Novation such as VHA, UHC, Children’s Hospital Association and Provista LLC are already benefiting from the cost and time saving benefits of ShiftWise VMS. Now your facility can too! *** About Novation Founded in 1998, Novation is the leading health care supply chain expertise and contracting company for the more than 65,000 members of VHA Inc. and UHC, two national health care alliances, Children's Hospital Association, an...


Step by step guide to implementing ShiftWise

Implementing ShiftWise is as easy as 4 simple steps. From day one the ShiftWise implementation team does the work for you. You get them the information and they'll get you ready for Go-Live.  

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