Increase the effectiveness of how you use your VMS for temporary staffing

Respond to submittals within 24-48 hours: Follow up and responding to a candidate submittal is critical to ensuring you are getting the best talent for you organization. Good, qualified candidates won’t last long on the market. When a submittal is received, it is good practice to make an attempt to review the candidates resume and either decline or schedule an interview. ShiftWise Tip: With ShiftWise, it is easy to know when you have a new candidate to review. Setup an email, text, or home page notification in your profile so you are notified immediately when you have a submittal. Provide benefits to supplier with high productivity on their score cards: Rewarding suppliers for quick turn-around, submitting qualified candidates, low bill rates, and low turnover will ultimately...

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A message from new ShiftWise president, Steven Rodriguez

Hello Shiftlandia! I am excited about joining the ShiftWise team as its new president. The opportunity with this company is tremendous. I’ve been introduced to an incredible team of people and it’s clear just in the few days I’ve been on the job that there is an awesome ecosystem of clients, staffing suppliers, business partners and ShiftWise staff working in partnership to drive meaningful outcomes for everyone involved. I’m hitting the ground running in our Portland, OR headquarters and already see some amazing opportunities in front of me for our clients. My task at ShiftWise will be to ensure we consistently deliver the best possible products and services to our clients, evolving...


NCCHC 2016 Conference

If you’re headed to the Annual Conference and Exposition October 22-26, be sure to stop by booth #225. See what ShiftWise is up to at this year’s show. Learn how ShiftWise offers solutions for efficiently and expediently meeting your demand for temporary labor. ShiftWise piggy banks, phone chargers and sport packs will be available at our booth! Why should you stop by the booth and speak with ShiftWise? Find staff fast from a large pool of complaint candidates. Real tie profile auditing leads to higher quality nursing staff Ensure vendors meet your performance standards Option to tier, or control which vendors see which orders & when  

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