The long-term impact of having open orders

In today’s fast-paced healthcare work environment action speaks volumes, especially when it comes to quickly and efficiently booking agency staff to orders. A vendor management system enables a healthcare organization to immediately broadcast their needs to an approved agency panel. When a healthcare organization needs coverage for shifts the first action item is to place the order into the system. The second action period, which is the most crucial, is the duration of time between placing the order and booking the order. However, what happens when that coverage is no longer needed? Do you ignore the now unwanted order, or do you take further action? You take further action! Why you ask? Here Are The Top 5 Reasons To Cancel Your Unneeded Open Orders: No action on unneeded...

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5 Reports That Will Change the Way You Book Your Staff

The saying “it’s better to work smart than hard” can certainly be applied to booking contingent labor. As time-consuming and expensive as the process can be, having the right reporting tools can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful contingent labor program. The following 5 reports can drastically change the way you book staff, by providing both high-level and in-depth looks at your program. We’ve broken them down by how detailed each report can become, and listed them below. The Basics: The following two reports are great places to start in order to get a handle on the status of your contingent labor program. These reports provide more of an overview approach...


5 ways to choose the most qualified candidate

Hiring needs can often cause a feeling of anxiety as you question how you will select the ideal staff person to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. Luckily, the ShiftWise VMS provides health systems with some great tools to select the best candidate possible: 1. Exact vs. Role Match ShiftWise is able to track your health system’s requirements, whether they are specific to the entire health system, your facility, or even your department.   When a staff is submitted to an order, they will either show up as a “role” or “exact” match. A role match is someone who matches the title of the order, but they don’t necessarily meet every single requirement for the job. If...

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