5 ways a VMS saves time finding qualified candidates

Time Management is a huge challenge for anyone whose role includes staffing in the healthcare industry. Save time in your busy day by working smarter, not harder, in your search for qualified contingent staff. A VMS is the time saving tool that will give you and your team a streamlined hiring process, efficiency, and also give back some very important hours in your schedule. Instantly Communicate Jobs to Multiple Staffing Agencies: A Web based VMS such as ShiftWise transmits your needs to all your contracted agencies at once. The moment an order has been created, they can all view and begin recruiting. This removes the time-consuming need for phone calls and emails to each agency. Add Detailed Order Notes: By taking advantage of adding descriptive Order Notes, you can proactively...

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5 Tools to Hire the Highest Qualified Candidate

The overarching goal of all health care systems is to achieve the highest level of patient care, and a very important contributing factor to that is successfully hiring the most highly qualified candidates. Manually sorting through resumes and job applications can be a daunting task. A VMS provides several tools to automate this process, providing clear direction on who the best candidate is for a job. Easy Access to Credentials: With one click, hiring managers can quickly access a complete profile on a candidate. This electronic file contains a resume, applicable licenses, credentials, and other details to paint a clear picture of the candidate’s skill set. Evaluations from...


Modernize The Management Of Contingent Labor

We are well into 2016 and the healthcare industry is experiencing more and more need for staff at a rapid rate. In order to keep pace, embracing modern technology is key! 1. For the love of trees, save them! Being eco-friendly is an important part of any modern business, but what we're really saying is stop relying on paper! Filing cabinets full of information are both wasteful and inefficient. Ever try to pass an audit after trying to locate documents through stacks of paper? It's hard work! And do you really want to receive credentials and requirements for staff via fax? Say no to paper. Say yes to cloud storage systems and other efficient means of managing documents. You'll...

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