3 eye opening reasons to cancel dead (but still open) shifts

It starts with a need for staff. A shift comes open and you have to fill it. But then, census drops, an internal staff person picked up the shift, or you simply no longer have the need. Even though the need is gone, the order is still open or pending and you let it go. Multiple that by a few dozen or few hundred shifts and all of a sudden, you have a problem. Sure, it may seem easier to leave an order “as is” if you no longer have the need but here are three eye opening reasons why you should not leave orders in open or pending status. 1. Accurate Reporting If you leave orders open/pending that are not true needs, this effects your fill rates when running performance reports in ShiftWise. Why is this important? There are a few reasons: Performance reports are used to determine...

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5 crazy old myths about VMS usage (now for locum tenens!)

There have been many wild claims and scare tactics to dissuade hospitals from adopting VMS technology over the years. It’s understandable. Fear of the unknown in an established space tends to draw knee-jerk reactions. But with 10+ years of the technology delivering favorable results, VMS is no longer “unknown.” And yet - with VMS and MSP adoption for the management of locum tenen placement skyrocketing - the dust has been wiped off some old myths in an attempt to scare physician recruiters from adopting proven, more efficient labor management methods. But it’s just the same old and often crazy myths that have been proven wrong again and again. Crazy Old Myth #1: You lose...


VP of Talent Management & Staffing Anne Callen discusses ShiftWise

ShiftWise user Anne Callen takes us inside her job and tells us what it’s like using the vendor management software.

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