We Couldn't Have Said It Better - ShiftWise Client Testimonials

Read what our customers say about how ShiftWise has improved their process.

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Improved Staffing Process

"ShiftWise allows us to automate many of the decisions that need to be made for our job orders, allowing us to spend more time making sure we are getting the right person in our system versus managing the process. Our department managers have expressed how wonderful it is to finally have a software system available where they have real time access to profiles, job orders, costs and more."

Jonathan Liepe, Director of Staffing - Memorial Health System

"Technology advancements are now enabling large healthcare organizations like Resurrection to improve staffing processes with a minimal investment and huge ROI."

Don Houchins, Director of Maternal Child Services and Director of Nursing Education - Resurrection Healthcare

"The use of ShiftWise has allowed us to assess our agency cost on a weekly basis. Before using ShiftWise our system only allowed us to see our invoices paid monthly. With ShiftWise we are able to see a "real time" total projected invoice amount and after approval, an actual billed invoice amount on a weekly basis. It is easier to eliminate overtime with the use of the latest updated version of ShiftWise, the system notifies you when the shifts you are booking will result in overtime."

Susan Warren, Director of Staffing - Willis Knighton Health System

"ShiftWise helped us validate agency staffs’ professional licenses, ACLS, BCLS, and fire card requirements. Maintaining multiple registry files for each supplier has been eliminated. Extensive reporting capability options provides concise staffing and financial data for each nursing and respiratory department."

Gladys D’Souza, Clinical Nursing Director – Barlow Respiratory Hospital

“From scheduling staff, to maintaining Joint Commission compliance, to finance reporting, ShiftWise has simplified our entire staffing process, increased our efficiency and reduced our overall cost of operations.”

Lynn Campbell, AVP - Glendale Adventist

“It was important to us to be able to quickly requisition staff, manage credentials and reorganize processes by eliminating paper. We implemented ShiftWise and have been pleased with it’s effeciency in streamlining our billing process. I’m sure hospitals in California will have a similar experience.”

Nika Federoff, Project Manager - Orange Coast Medical Center

Decreased Spending on Staffing Costs

"ShiftWise has completely turned around our staffing process, saving us both money and time. We are spending less now on agency staff and we now know where we're spending it."

Bobbi McCormickHouse Supervisor - Silverton Hospital

"We utilize ShiftWise to manage our internal staff float pools and we have automated our time slip approval process by using the ShiftWise interface to our Kronos timekeeping system. ShiftWise has allowed us to manage our costs, assure clinical compliance, and given us back control of what was once a chaotic staffing process. I highly recommend ShiftWise."

Neil Veloso Budget Analyst of Medical University of South Carolina

"We implemented ShiftWise, which allowed us complete control of the use and monitoring of outside contract agency staff. Within 9 months of implementation of ShiftWise, in conjunction with FlexChoice, we eliminated the use of outside agency nurses and brought over 300 new nurses into our program. Prior to FlexChoice and ShiftWise, our company spent millions of dollars annually on contract staff."

Nini Guindi Coury RN, Corporate Manager, System Staffing Office - St John Health

"We began using ShiftWise in November 2008, at that time we were using 8% agency staff, we are currently using 4% agency staff and have a projected agency savings for FY2009 of $3,000,000. We are able to more accurately monitor our agency usage both daily and long term because of the use of the ShiftWise program."

Susan Warren, Director of Staffing - Willis Knighton Health System

Time Savings

"Ever since introducing ShiftWise to our leadership team, our expectations have been exceeded. Time savings, frequent upgrades, unbeatable customer service, and immediate reporting capabilities made it an easy transition for Tuality Healthcare. We are proud to have served as one of the beta sites responsible for developing the system."

Steve Krautscheid, Employment Coordinator - Tuality Healthcare

"ShiftWise has provided efficiency for our nursing management team. They now have time to focus on patient care and safety instead of spending their time making numerous telephone calls to fill open shifts. Our hospital feels very supported by OHA Solutions and ShiftWise. They are very receptive and responsive to our questions and staffing needs."

Suzanne Gill, RN, D.O.N. - Summa Health

Ensured Compliance

"ShiftWise has helped us put tighter controls in place. Aside from making our staffing process much easier, we have reduced our costs significantly and now have complete over sight of all the credentials for each of the agency staff who work at OSU Medical Center. Finally, we have total control of our agency staffing process, costs, and clinical requirements."

Dan Tippett Director - Operating Efficiency Human Resources - The Ohio State University Medical Center

Improved Time Keeping and Invoicing Process

"ShiftWise is an excellent program that manages our internal staff to pick up extra shifts and receive overtime rather than utilize agency. If we do use agency, ShiftWise streamlines the usage of paper time slips and paper invoices.  The use of the Staff Time Tracker system allows us to manage our time slips and invoices electronically.  We are easily able to run reports and verify our agency usage upon request. Thank you ShiftWise!"

Amy J. Wright Staffing Coordinator - South Lake Hospital

"Processing several hundred invoices per month for contracted staff was a full time job prior to ShiftWise. Now, we are processing one invoice per week and have an online tool available for managers and agencies to use to assist with the time and invoicing reconciliation process. Information is available for all parties via internet access so we can quickly resolve disputes, which saves us time and allows us to pay our agencies more quickly."

Jonathan Liepe, Director of Staffing - Memorial Health System

From an Accounts Payable perspective, being on the Shiftwise System has saved us many hours in invoice processing time. Our previous process of receiving hundreds of paper invoices from various departments across our system has been eliminated. We went from manually processing hundreds of invoices a month to processing about 40 to 50 electronic invoices through Shiftwise. The invoices are all approved on line and AP receives an email notification when they have been approved, we then log in to Shiftwise and process the invoice. We are very pleased with this system and hope to implement this process across other departments utilizing contact labor in the future.

Cindy Tobias, CAPP Accounts Payable Manager, Baylor Health Care System

Internal Staff Management

"After a thorough investigation of different solutions, we chose the ShiftWise service because of the unmatched flexibility it provided. In addition to effectively managing internal and external pools and closely tracking how staff is allocated and utilized, we are impressed by the ease of communication between finance, accounts payable, agencies and hospitals that the system offers."

Barbara Medvec, Chief Nursing Officer - Oakwood Healthcare, Inc.

"After an extensive evaluation, ShiftWise emerged as the clear leader in providing FlexChoiceRN the necessary tools to implement our management strategies for customers that are seeking a reduction in agency dependence and a more effective internal staffing mechanism. We recognized early on that a consulting-based offering without the technology component leaves our customers with a sense of only having half of the answer and difficulty in evaluating success."

William Reau, RN, CEO - FlexChoiceRN

"HUGE ASSET! The ShiftWise IRP module has provided our internal staffing agency the tools it needs to move towards becoming agency free, such as having real time access to staff needs for our IRP employees from anywhere they have internet access. One of our IRP employees indicated she was able to access the upcoming job orders while she was on the beach on vacation so that she could book herself to job orders and have work ready for her upon her return."

Jonathan Liepe, Director of Staffing - Memorial Health System

"ShiftWise is now used to manage our flexible workforce. Our nurses love the ease of making themselves available to work with a click of their mouse, and love the notifications they receive about where and when they will be working. Our staffing offices can now efficiently place orders for our nurses, and our ability to monitor work agreement compliance and utilization is effortless."

Nini Guindi Coury RN, Corporate Manager, System Staffing Office - St John Health

"We have noted an immediate reduction in the number of external agency hours and dollars utilized by our facilities. These nurses are Baptist employees and they are perceived by nurses, patients and families in a more positive light than agency nurses. Physicians have also shown an interest in this program in that it will provide a more stable workforce for their patients."

Steve Sherer, Director of Patient Care - Baptist Health System

Agency Management Services

"In an effort to reduce the numerous, daily agency calls and interruptions that were impeding productivity, we implemented ShiftWise to streamline our agency staff booking system.  Some of our agencies were calling and canceling several times a day and it felt like we were working for the agencies instead of the other way around. We knew we needed a change. ShiftWise helped us eliminate the problems we were having in this area."

Marge Doyle, Director of Med/Surg ICU - High Desert Medical Center

Preferred Choice of Staffing Agencies

"We are thrilled that Shiftwise has provided a vendor neutral platform that allows us to analyze and respond to all of the needs of our customers. The integration capabilities they have developed allow us to respond instantly with available staff that are guaranteed to meet quality standards set by the health care facility. We believe that by partnering with Shiftwise we have added significant value to the supplemental staffing process for the health care facilities that we serve.

Denise A Kent PhD (c), RN, APN CEO - Med Staff On-Call, LLC.

"Through our partnership with ShiftWise, we"™ll be able to offer our customers a streamlined and efficient supplemental staffing process with this vendor neutral technology. This is a great opportunity for our clients to exercise more complete control throughout the entire staffing process using ShiftWise."

Kathy Perry, President - Favorite Healthcare Staffing

"We expect that the ShiftWise technology will enable us to enhance customer satisfaction with our staffing service by reducing the time it takes to fill orders, by streamlining the invoicing and financial reporting process and by improving our agency management capabilities. One of our goals is to help our clients improve staffing efficiency and reduce overall costs. To accomplish this in the current and future recruitment environment characterized by a deepening nursing shortage, we believe healthcare organizations should consider adopting vendor neutral technologies such as the ShiftWise solution."

Jonathan W. Ward, President - Cross Country Staffing

"Through its relationship with ShiftWise, HRN will help ease the staffing burden of its healthcare customers by offering the most efficient staffing management system available to address their needs."

Art Flaster, CEO - HRN Services

"We are excited about our relationship with ShiftWise. We are confident that this partnership will help us continue to provide our clients with the highest quality contingent staff and the broadest array of staffing management services in the industry."

Michael S. Wilstead, Chief Executive Officer - InteliStaf

"Through our partnership with ShiftWise, Aedon Staffing is able to easily achieve a two-fold goal by streamlining and simplifying the supplemental staffing process internally and providing our external healthcare customers with an industry leading solution for supplemental staffing management.  We look forward to experiencing the increased staffing efficiency that the ShiftWise solution provides, as well as passing that benefit on to our external healthcare customers."

Cherie A. Tarif, BA, CTS, Vice President - Aedon Staffing

"MedTrust prides itself on its track record of providing the highest quality service for its private and government customers.  By partnering with ShiftWise, we will now be able to improve the customer experience even further by providing them with a service that dramatically simplifies their staffing processes."

Rick Martinez, RN, President - MedTrust, LLC.

"ShiftWise Connect is a great way for our agency to be introduced to new customers that have staffing needs. We are able to fill shifts and contracts immediately since our staff have profiles already created in ShiftWise. ShiftWise Connect has given us access to new clients and has been the vehicle for adding high value accounts to our client portfolio. I highly recommend this service to any agency that wants to grow locally and nationally."

Kelly Thomas, Director of Recruitment - Critical Resource Inc.

Customer Support

"ShiftWise is user friendly and easy to learn, and their support staff is very helpful and readily available to answer questions. I would highly recommend ShiftWise services to anyone who is ready to reduce their spending, paperwork and stress."

Jane Ray RN, BSN Nurse Manager - Salem Hospital

"From the sales to the implementation, the ShiftWise staff was absolutely amazing, very professional and very personable. Our implementation went very smooth and if we needed assistance, ShiftWise was there."

Kristen Justice, Director of Clinical Informatic - Bethesda Memorial Hospital

Long Term Care

“ShiftWise is an impressive platform. It’s flexible and helps meet the specific demands we have as a long term care organization. A healthcare provider in any capacity that’s using temporary or internal employees to fill open shifts owes it to themselves to see a demonstration.”

Mark Uranga, President of CAHF Orange County Chapter, Administrator Companion Home Health

ShiftWise Connect

"We're looking for greater efficiency and increased productivity. By using ShiftWise Connect we accomplish this with happier staff and a smarter way of working that leads to time and cost savings."

Anne Segura, Baton Rouge General, Director of Employment & HR Services

"Enabling nurses to book themselves into shifts frees up my team to focus on more strategic tasks… ShiftWise Connect, with the time it saves us, allows us to devote more resources toward strengthening relationships with our staff and customers."

Deborah Hall-Kayler, President, Healthcare Personnel, Inc.
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