Healthcare Staffing Industry Technology Report

The State of Supplier-Side VMS

Healthcare staffing industry technology report: the state of supplier-side VMS

This report and case study details how healthcare staffing suppliers are positively embracing VMS technology and have a strong preference for vendor management systems that are managed by healthcare providers. 

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Key findings:

  • Overall level of proficiency with technology is high
  • Benefits of preferred VMS solution include ease of placing staff and filling more orders
  • ShiftWise is the most preferred VMS solution in healthcare
  • ShiftWise is the most used VMS solution in healthcare
Cloud-based technology

Staff Smarter

Simply put, ShiftWise ensures that your process follows proven methods to lower costs.

Guaranteed Compliance

Guarantee Compliance

ShiftWise ensures that health systems and vendors always follow contracted requirements, policies and rate plans.

Cloud-based technology

Save Time

ShiftWise reduces your time to fill openings.

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