Order distribution to all ShiftWise suppliers

Vendor relationship management has long been a manual process filled with inefficient methods of communication such as phone calls and emails. A vendor management system excels in delivering the total contingent healthcare staffing solution.

  • Utilize a vendor neutral system that keeps you in control.
  • Engage more vendors faster through automated order processing.
  • Set up vendor tiers that distribute orders according to your preferences.
  • Custom and standard reports provide unprecedented insight, helping you optimize vendor performance.
  • Process as little as one invoice for all vendors, broken down all the way to the unit level.

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“Our vendor relationships are much better since ShiftWise. It's a lot more concrete. You're able to open up a web browser in a matter of seconds and see who's going to be coming the next day, what shifts you have open, where you're going to need help and where you have help.”

Ian QuinnNursing Resource CoordinatorWeiss Hospital