ShiftWise Staffing Supplier Referral Program

ShiftWise Staffing Supplier Referral program

The ShiftWise Staffing Supplier Referral Program is now open to all suppliers! You now have the ability to work with more of the 1,500 plus ShiftWise clients nationwide.

What is the Staffing Supplier Referral program?

Stand out from the crowd with ShiftWise and get referred to more hospitals.

The Staffing Supplier Referral Program is a way for all suppliers to contract with more ShiftWise clients. ShiftWise will introduce you to clients based upon performance metrics that are tracked in the ShiftWise Vendor Management System.

How does it work?

  • Health System requests additional vendors. ShiftWise presents your information to the healthcare system.
  • Health System reviews the vendors that are presented. Vendors are ranked based upon their performance metrics. 
  • Health System chooses to add you as a supplier. ShiftWise administers client contract with you on behalf of the healthcare system.
  • You see new orders in ShiftWise. Health System begins to select your staff for new Per Diem and Long Term assignments.


Q: What metrics will ShiftWise be using to report on performance?
A: The metrics that are available to you in the Supplier Performance Report found in the Reports section of the ShiftWise Application. In addition, each vendor will be rated based upon the level that they comply with client requirements when uploading documents and credentials in Staff Profiles.

Q: How can I increase the likelihood that my agency is added to more ShiftWise client accounts?
A: Pay close attention to your Supplier Performance Report metrics and attempt to improve your rank. Make sure that your Staff Profiles are up to date and structured in a way that makes it easiest for the client to review pertinent information. Finally, deliver the highest quality candidates available.

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