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Contingent staffing and the 2nd curve

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By now, healthcare professionals have no doubt heard the 1st and 2nd curve terminology. It was first introduced in a book called The Second Curve by Ian Morrison in 1996 and has been popularized in recent years by the American Hospital Association, especially within a 2011 report called Second Curve Road Map for Health Care.

For the uninitiated, it’s essentially a shift from a volume-based approach in healthcare to one that is value-based. The 2nd curve cares about patient results just as the 1st curve does, but with the added layer of increased accountability, emphasis on efficiency and a watchful eye on cost effectiveness. It’s a guide for a modern approach to healthcare.

1st and 2nd curve, contingent staffing

However, 1st and 2nd curve discussions generally highlight the shift organizationally, taking everything into account. It helps when we actually break down this shift for specific needs within a health system, providing actual strategies and metrics to be successful.

1st and 2nd curve characteristics of contingent staffing

That’s why ShiftWise has released a new report titled, Contingent Staffing and the 2nd Curve, based on a presentation given by ShiftWise at a recent round table event hosted by ASHHRA and the AHA. It’s an in-depth look at the 1st and 2nd curve specifically for contingent staffing operations. In the report, you’ll find:

  • Characteristics of the 1st and 2nd curve
  • The impact of moving to the 2nd curve
  • Strategies to become a 2nd curve operation
  • Metrics to utilize
  • The importance of continuous self-assessment

It’s available for immediate download as part of our ongoing No Open Shifts campaign. We invite you to download the report and see for yourself how to successfully focus on value when it comes to contingent staffing operations.

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