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Find, Manage, and Keep Quality Allied Professionals with a VMS

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Nurses are essential to healthcare facilities, whether it’s taking vitals or administering life-saving vaccines. You name it — they do it all. That’s why it’s so important to have reliable contingent workers to ensure quality when primary staff is already swamped. Vendor management systems help you keep the standards of nursing in your healthcare facility, but what about allied health professionals?

Allied health professionals bring specialized care to hospitals and clinics, helping you see and treat a wider audience of patients. Surging demand for these allied professionals and industry-wide workforce shortages are changing the way healthcare industries view their hiring processes, leading to greater need for contingent staff and reevaluation of current workforce scheduling strategies. When your facility needs many different types of allied professionals, how do you effectively and efficiently manage all levels of care?

VMS technology helps you solves all problems associated with healthcare staffing by encompassing all levels of contingent care. With a vendor-neutral system, like the one ShiftWise provides, you can actually find allied professionals that fit the needs of your individual healthcare facility faster, easier, and with just one system.

How does a VMS help you attract and manage quality contingent allied professionals?

  1. Organizes your entire hiring process. With a vendor management system, you can manage your contingent labor wisely, with a system catered to your individual needs. Automated ordering, invoicing, reporting, and credentialing allows you to gain insight into everything happening in your healthcare facility. VMS technology helps you eliminate human errors and prevents things from getting swept under the rug or forgotten. A VMS is like a personal assistant for staffing managers: It lets them see everything they need to make important decisions.
  1. Reduces service costs. Despite the fact that contingent workers aren’t full-time, salaried employees, managing them can sometimes mean spending extra money. Without a VMS, HR personnel are required to spend hours going through employee time cards, overtime information, and time off requests. A VMS does all of that for you, saving time normally spent on manually processing information. It also helps you analyze exactly where and how your money is being spent in your company, allowing you to make educated decisions on any business changes.
  1. Keeps you updated. From permanent staff to contingent workers, it’s hard to keep track of who needs what. Some employees may be missing punches, and others may be missing important onboarding documents. VMS technology automatically updates you to anything that needs your attention. With a vendor management system, you can make sure your employees are staying credential-compliant with notifications to expiring credentials. With a VMS, you get a better idea of what’s happening across your healthcare facility. This doesn’t just help you and your staff stay organized, it helps you to improve and accomplish important goals.

Regardless of whether you have a small clinic or a large hospital, a VMS can help your healthcare facility streamline day-to-day operations and improve staffing practices across the board. With ShiftWise, you don’t just get an invaluable VMS, you get personalized, 24/7/365 support, and a team that knows how important proper staffing management is to your organization. With ShiftWise, you can find, hire, and properly manage allied professionals in any field, bringing your healthcare facility to the next level.

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