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ShiftWise acquired by AMN – What you need to know

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AMN acquires ShiftWise

Q.  Was ShiftWise acquired by AMN, and why?      

A. Yes. On Nov. 20, AMN Healthcare acquired ShiftWise. AMN was looking for an innovative strategic partner who could complement its existing workforce solutions offerings with a vendor neutral technology platform. Our industry-leading technology will continue to be offered as a stand-alone, vendor neutral system.  ShiftWise technology will also be used as the platform for AMN’s managed services program (MSP).

Q. Can you explain how ShiftWise technology can be vendor neutral if AMN has acquired the company?

A. AMN understands and appreciates the vendor neutrality inherent in ShiftWise’s technology platforms, and realizes that some clients prefer the vendor neutral model. The ShiftWise team will be retaining our brand identity, infrastructure and separate database to ensure that our current and future vendor neutral clients continue to work directly with us. Both companies are dedicated to data integrity and confidentiality.

With some development work by both companies, ShiftWise’s technology can also be utilized for AMN’s MSP programs. The option is left to each individual health system. Our goal is to make ShiftWise technology the most widely utilized technology for both vendor neutral and MSP offerings, due to our superior features and efficiency.

Q. Can you explain exactly what measures are in place to ensure data integrity and confidentiality? Will AMN have access to my confidential info?

A. AMN will not have access to ShiftWise user’s confidential information or any data outside of their own account information. Both ShiftWise and AMN are fully aware of the current data privacy and confidentiality rights provided to our clients and staffing vendors and will comply with those terms.

ShiftWise and AMN have a decade of history in providing VMS/MSP programs where the data integrity of hundreds of providers and their candidates have been successfully maintained.  We will continue to adhere to our processes to insure we protect our valued reputation.

Q. Will this acquisition change our current relationship, and if so, how?

A.  Throughout this acquisition process and beyond, we will continue to provide you with the same high-quality, personalized service you have come to expect from ShiftWise. We do not expect to change your account management representative and ShiftWise’s 24/7/365 customer support will remain in place.  We know that trust and the depth of your relationships is important to you. You will continue to work with ShiftWise in the same way that you always have.

Q. Do I have to change any of my contracts?

A.  No. There are no changes to your business relationship with ShiftWise. The contract you have in place will remain as it is today.

Q. As a supplier, will I still see my orders at the same time in all of my HDOs as I did before?

A. Yes. There are no changes to how the ShiftWise system works. ShiftWise remains a vendor neutral system with vendor relationships and any desired tiering managed by the HDOs you work with. We recognize that our clients chose to implement ShiftWise to be able to select the vendors they want to use with neutrality in ordering and candidate selection, and we will continue to honor that commitment.

Q. Should I have any concern that AMN will get preferential treatment at healthcare facilities using ShiftWise?

A. No. Change understandably brings concern, but this is a non-issue. AMN is committed to ShiftWise’s vendor neutrality and understands its importance. All vendors will compete for business equally, with HDOs deciding which relationships work best for them.

Q. Will there be any change to how I get paid?

A. No. ShiftWise will continue to use 3rd party escrow with industry leading quickness in processing payments.

Q. Will my contacts at ShiftWise remain the same?

A. Yes. Your account manager will remain the same and you will have the same access to ShiftWise’s 24/7/365 customer support.

Q. Seriously, is anything changing at all? It sounds like it’s just business as usual?

A. Exactly. We may wear out our keyboards saying it, but ShiftWise will operate independently as a division within AMN and continue as a vendor neutral contingent staffing technology solution to the healthcare industry. Our headquarters, culture, leadership and organizational structure will remain the same.

Q. Are there any advantages that I should expect?

A. In the long-term, yes. You won’t notice anything right away, but with the backing of a $1B publicly traded company, ShiftWise will have the increased ability to innovate on its technology and deliver ever-improving solutions to maximize your efficiency.

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