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Supplier Spotlight: Aya Healthcare

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Company Location: San Diego, CA

Type of Staffing: Travel Nursing

Name: Darin Taylor         

Job Title: National Director of Workforce Strategylogo

SW: How often do you use ShiftWise?

Aya: Daily.

SW: When did you first hear about ShiftWise?

Aya: Over a decade ago when it launched, ShiftWise was an innovative platform. It was one of the first platforms to automate client and supplier communications.

SW: How has ShiftWise helped to streamline your staffing process?

Aya: The technology platform allows us to view opportunities, often in real time, and to submit candidates without having to speak directly with clients.This saves Aya Healthcare time and allows us to submit more candidates. When it’s a vendor neutral healthcare delivery organization, we feel we can compete with anyone in the industry.

SW: Your fill rates have been very high over the past year, what’s been the leading factor to that success?

Aya: As the second largest travel nurse provider in the industry we have the economies of scale and bandwidth to deliver a large volume of candidates on a consistent basis.


SW: Is there anything you plan to improve to fill even more open shifts?

Aya: We continuously scale our business and have made components of the Aya Workforce Solutions platform available to ShiftWise clients. The platform has a demonstrated track record of improving fill rates.

SW: What is your favorite feature within the ShiftWise application?

Aya: Our submissions are easily uploaded and matched to open opportunities.

SW: What would you say to a supplier who is considering using ShiftWise?

Aya: Take advantage of their online libraries of tools and support.

SW: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Aya: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Pecan.

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