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Supplier Spotlight: FlexCare Medical Staffing

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Company Location: Roseville, CA

Type of Staffing: Travel Nursing6061f9fa-e22a-4798-aa1c-b2f876382366

Name: Michelle Shearer           

Job TitleExecutive Account Manager

SW: How often do you use ShiftWise?

FlexCare: As a nationwide provider of travel nurses we use ShiftWise on a daily basis with a multitude of clients.

SW: What was your staffing experience like prior to ShiftWise?

FlexCare: We have been working with ShiftWise for nearly a decade so it’s been wonderful seeing ShiftWise grow with us and continue to adapt to today’s market.

SW: How has ShiftWise helped to streamline your staffing process?

FlexCare: The ShiftWise technology has a lot of features to customize your experience and by working with the ShiftWise team to learn how individual clients use it differently, we have been able to more efficiently place an increasing number of nurses.

SW: Your fill rates have been very high over the past year, what’s been the leading factor to that success?

FlexCare: With the growth we’ve experienced in the past few years, it is the partnership we have with the ShiftWise team members that has allowed us to fill so many more needs. Being able to communicate directly with our ShiftWise contacts provides better insight into all aspects of the process and allows us to more effectively meet the needs of the clients and our nurses.



SW: Is there anything you plan to improve to fill even more open shifts?

FlexCare: We look forward to continuing our partnership with ShiftWise and growing together in current and new markets across the nation.

SW: What is your favorite feature within the ShiftWise application?

FlexCare: We love being able to view the number of candidates submitted to a job order. This insight is extremely valuable and sets the ShiftWise technology apart from others.

SW: What would you say to a supplier who is considering using ShiftWise?

FlexCare: The technology has a lot of features that allow you to customize your experience and their support team, for both technical and those working with the clients, is fantastic.

SW: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

FlexCare: I could never say no to Ben & Jerry’s “Everything But The…”

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