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Supplier Spotlight: Registry Network, Inc.

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Company Location: Carlsbad, CAregistry network

Type of Staffing: Per Diem and Travel for Nursing and Allied

Name: Eric Frehe

Job Title: Chief of Operations

The 2015 ShiftWise Service Award Recipient

The Service Award recognizes partners who have exhibited a talent for consistently filling openings for their clients at the highest level.

SW: First off, congrats on winning the 2015 ShiftWise Service Award! What were the leading factors that lead to such a high fill rate percentage?

Registry: Thank you for the award, we truly appreciate it. We pride ourselves on our efforts to recruit and hire top talent. This makes it possible to have a large number of clinical staff ready to submit at a moment’s notice.

Another leading factor is our ability to stay on top of our staff’s professional credentials and other requirements of our clients. Our staffing coordinators know which clinical staff are readily available without question and can be matched to orders quickly. Finally, a key factor is the loyalty of our long-term clinical staff. They know RNI is committed to providing them rewarding assignments at respected healthcare facilities, with good pay and support. Their ongoing availability is key to our fill ratio.

SW: What was your staffing experience like prior to ShiftWise?

Registry: We have used an automated staffing, credentialing, and payroll system called Staffmed, now Stafferlink, since 2003.   This simplified and automated our staffing protocols, getting us ready for the era of the MSP and VMS. One of the biggest changes since we started using ShiftWise would be the number of phone calls and faxes that used to consume us. We have used a dozen or more varieties of MSP’s and VMS’s over the last several years. In our opinion, ShiftWise is the best by far for ease of use, functionality, and reliability.

SW: How has ShiftWise helped to streamline your staffing process?

Registry: ShiftWise can be used by any staffing agency anywhere, anytime, as long as their device can get on IE. All necessary information is in one place. The simple design and user interface has made training easy for all.

SW: In the last year your company has booked over 80,000 hours to almost 7,000 orders! How did Register Network, Inc. successfully book so many orders?

Registry: The efficiency of ShiftWise has undoubtedly helped us to be more effective in staffing our clients. This serves to augment our 26 years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry, our long familiarity with the communities we serve, and our commitment to recruiting and retaining highly competent healthcare professionals.


SW: Are the candidates that are filling your shifts getting positive reviews?

Registry: Yes! Their positive reviews and our ability to see the number of prior visits per unit definitely keeps our clinical staff booked. Since our goal is to hire only highly qualified candidates, we have seen our clients hire over 30 of our clinical staff in the past year. Frankly, this isn’t the most favored outcome for a staffing company, but it would be hard to find a more positive review of our staff!

SW: What is you favorite feature within the ShiftWise application?

Registry: I have to say Staff Time Tacker is my favorite feature. No more paper sign in sheets! Our staffing coordinators generally say “Orders”, since that is where all of the fun in staffing happens. Payroll stays in “Timeslips” but wishes it was a little faster. Credentialing hangs out in “Staff” and Billing in “Accounting”.

I guess we all have our favorite piece in the application.

SW: As 2015 comes to end what’s your plan of action to continue filling such a high percentage of open shifts for 2016?

Registry: The plan is to keep doing what we’ve been doing for the past 26 years! We have had little turnover with our administrative staff and we work happily and effectively as a team.

SW: What would you say to a supplier who is considering using ShiftWise?

Registry: We highly recommend any supplier not already working with ShiftWise to reach out to them and get started. ShiftWise is fair and respectful to suppliers and gives small and mid-sized companies expanded opportunities. Registry Network always recommends ShiftWise to any facility that is considering using a VMS for the first time or changing from their current one.

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