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5 ways to make your implementation a success

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5 steps to a successful healthcare technology implementation

Each new implementation of technology infrastructure has its own unique challenges, but there are still common things that help make any technology implementation go smoothly. Here are five thoughts to consider in making the next implementation within your health system go off without a hitch.

  1. Assign the right team. It is imperative that the correct person or small team of people is assigned to the implementation project. The person or team must have the authority to make change in the organization, understand the desired outcomes of the project and be able to make decisions or know who to contact to get things done.
  2. Have an Executive Sponsor. There is no exception here. Each organization must assign an Executive Sponsor, someone who has authority to set the tone for the employees and support the goals of the project. This is different from a project leader. If the project takes a turn for the worse, the Executive Sponsor can help with employee morale, offer direction and clarify the company’s objectives.
  3. Hit the  milestones. Not meeting deadlines or showing up to scheduled meetings due to continuous conflict with other priorities can wreak havoc on any technology implementation. It is important to participate in meetings and complete weekly milestones in the project since each task is likely contingent on the ability to move forward to another. If a milestone is not achievable by a targeted date, communicate with everyone involved to ensure everyone remains on the same page.
  4. Communicate. There needs to be frequent communication among all parties. Lack of communication, both formal and informal, between the technology partner and client to the end user can destroy a project. It is difficult for everyone if you get to the technology training portion and no one has heard of the technology or even knows why they were scheduled to attend the training session.
  5. Make sure there is plenty of interest. There needs to be positive energy from the client side as well as the project management team from the technology side. All projects need people who want the technology and who understand its value. This is a key ingredient for a smooth implementation. If everyone is positive and engaged in the project, when minor bumps occur, they can be handled with ease.

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