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Author: Marketing

ASPR 2014 Recap: Weighing in on the physician shortage

Physician recruiters are looking for ways to better procure locum tenens. Industry insider Brandon Tate attended the annual ASPR conference and sat down with us to share his experience. SW: What was the biggest buzz about physician recruitment at the conference? Brandon: The biggest topic at this year’s conference was finding more efficient ways to do recruiting. The healthcare industry as…

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5 crazy old myths about VMS usage (now for locum tenens!)

There have been many wild claims and scare tactics to dissuade hospitals from adopting VMS technology over the years. It’s understandable. Fear of the unknown in an established space tends to draw knee-jerk reactions. But with 10+ years of the technology delivering favorable results, VMS is no longer “unknown.” And yet — with VMS and MSP adoption for the management…

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Staffing practices you can use

Last week, nurses in California staged a one-day strike which actually led to a 5-day lockout as the hospitals hired temporary workers on a 5 day contract. During the lockout, a patient died as a result of a mistake by one of the temporarily hired workers. It’s a tragedy that has led to a contentious debate between nurses and hospital administrators….

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