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Booked Long Term Order Rates Update

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shiftwise facebookShiftWise is pleased to announce the release of an exciting new feature!

  • Booked Long Term (LT) Order Rates UpdatePreviously when a long term order was booked/filled, you were unable to update the rates without unbooking staff which changed the order booking status. Now if rates change sometime within the long term order duration, you can update rates without unbooking staff and affecting the order booking status.

NOTE: Only HDO users have the option/rights available to update booked LT order rates. Suppliers can be notified when changes are made to booked LT order rates and reference the rates prior to the update through the Event Log.

Effect on Timeslips

When rates are updated on a booked/filled long term order, timeslips in Open status that have no timeslip number/have not been edited will update to the new rate. Timeslips in Submitted, Approved, Disapproved, Pending, Disputed, Billable, Invoice and Open status that have a timeslip number will continue to include the rates prior to the update.

New Rights 

  • Orders — ™ Long Term: Update Booked Long Term Order Rates —Enables users to update rates on booked LT orders.
  • Notify — ™ Orders: LT Order Rate Updated — Allows users to be notified when booked LT order rates are updated.

NOTE: Users must have the above rights enabled in their user profile to have the ability to enable rights for another user. If you choose to use this feature, please contact your Account Manager or ShiftWise 24/7 Customer Support Team to enable the first user within your organization.

For a detailed process on this new feature please view our Tips and Tricks: Booked Long Term Order Rates

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